• Compiling gsoap with OpenSSL on Windows 2018-07-31

    I have searched everywhere online and no solutions work I'm getting soap_rand not defined along with a lot of other functions as well. Any ideas? I've tried using VS2013 C++ compiler and MingW32. My latest attempt looked like this: LDFLAGS+=" -L/c/op

    Tags: windows, openssl, gsoap, mingw32
  • gSoap - extracting request/response as XML string 2014-07-21

    I'm using the gSoap library for my Qt C++ application to interact with some basic web service. Is there a way to extract the full SOAP request/(response) message that is about to be sent/(was received) from soap object as XML string? (for educational

    Tags: web services, xml, soap, gsoap
  • Query about SOAP and HTTP fundamentals 2012-04-25

    Is a client SOAP request simply the use of HTTP POST to send a correctly formatted HTTP header followed by the correctly formatted XML SOAP content to the web service server over a TCP/IP socket connection and then waiting for and parsing the respons

    Tags: soap, gsoap
  • gSOAP segmentation fault 2012-04-20

    Recently I have got a small C++ SOAP client project (ubuntu linux) to build using gSOAP. I am using 2 web service classes which I believe I have created correctly according to the documentation. However, I am having problems with my code #include "en

    Tags: ubuntu, gsoap
  • Apple Mach-O Linker (Id) Error using gSOAP 2012-04-12

    I´m really stuck with this issue... and i hope you can help me out here. I'm developing an iPad app for a company, that requires to use secured SOAP web services... not the perfect combination! i know, the thing is that taking a look around google, i

    Tags: objective c, gsoap, ipad, ios5
  • how to stop gSOAP operations 2012-04-11

    In my application I use gSOAP in a separate thread. Timeouts for connect, send and recive are set to 10s. When I want to stop the application (or just pause that thread to change some settings) I sometimes have to wait the whole 10 seconds (for examp

    Tags: windows, linux, gsoap
  • macro definitions in gSoap 2012-04-02

    Does anyone know if and/or how you can define macro definitions in a gSoap header file? In C++ I can do: #define maxRecords 100 Can I do anything similar in gSoap? --------------Solutions------------- You're not supposed to ever modify header files f

    Tags: web services, wsdl, gsoap
  • Writting webservice in C/C++ 2012-04-02

    I'm starting to develop a client webservice in C/C++. I don't know which library to use. I've read about Axis2C and gSoap. Any suggestion for developing a C/C++ SOAP webservice client? It seems that Axis2C is being discontinued. TA --------------Solu

    Tags: web services, gsoap
  • gsoap undefined reference after successfully generating c++ code 2012-04-02

    I'm trying to use gsoap-generated code to use an ASP .NET webservice from C++ sources from a linux system. I successfully created code from my wsdl-file using "wsdl2h -o" and "soapcpp2 -C -i" and am now trying to compile a simple client According to

    Tags: gsoap, undefined reference
  • Calling a Web Service from MySQL? 2012-03-23

    I'd like to call web service from a MySQL trigger every time a record is inserted. At the moment I'm testing UDF and gSOAP. I've done a small test and it seems to work, but I was wondering if there wasn't a simpler way to do this.

    Tags: mysql, web services, user defined functions, gsoap
  • gSOAP multiple definition building error in eclipse cdt 2012-03-14

    i want to use gSOAP for create web service for my project in eclipse cdt. in command line gsoap generated file compile and run with no error. but when i import the file in eclipse and build them i got this error : multiple definition of `soap_serve(s

    Tags: eclipse, gsoap
  • gSoap + SSL : CRL & certificate name check 2012-03-12

    I'm developing a webservice using gSOAP with SSL support. It works fine as long as I COPY (that's it!) the code provided as gSOAP documentation. Trying to add some feature I collide with a lot of difficulties! I don't have a good knowledge of OpenSSL

    Tags: openssl, gsoap
  • How to consume a Java Metro Web Service using Username Authentication with a Symmetric key in a Gsoap client? 2012-03-12

    I am doing research on interoperability between secure web services. The security has to be done on the message level ONLY. So far I have managed to get WCF and WSIT/Metro working together using certificates. Now I am trying to do the same thing usin

    Tags: web services, security, java, gsoap
  • publishing wsdl with gSOAP stand-alone server? 2012-02-16

    Now, I developed a gSOAP stand-alone server on 8080 port and it's working for SOAP RPC. But I want to return wsdl content of a wsdl file in my file system when clients request for getting wsdl on the 8080 port. what I can do to return wsdl to clients

    Tags: gsoap
  • Mutual SSL Authentication with gSOAP 2012-02-14

    I am trying to connect with a SOAP Service which requires Mutual SSL Authentication. We created a self-signed certificate and transferred it to the service operator for them to verify our connections. Likewise, they sent us a copy of their ssl certif

    Tags: ssl, gsoap
  • Don't Understand Error During gSOAP Serialization 2012-02-10

    Working with gSoap 2.7.17 on Windows, C# and managed C++. I have (gSOAP) classes describing an array of files: class ns__ContainerFile { public: xsd__long fileId; xsd__string fileName; }; class ContainerFileArray { public: ns__ContainerFile *__ptr; i

    Tags: xml, xml serialization, gsoap
  • Calling WCF from C code 2012-02-09

    I am working with a native C client application (not built with Visual Studio) that needs to call a WCF service. I am creating the WCF service, so I have complete control of it. Most of the information I have found deal with calling WCF from unmanage

    Tags: web services, wcf, gsoap, wwsapi
  • Send a multidimensionnal stl::vector or array by gSoap 2012-02-09

    I have built a PHP soap function, receiving an array of array of strings, and writing it to a file. Here is the WSDL file of the Soap server : This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown

    Tags: soap, gsoap
  • Why does gSOAP set stdin mode to binary if reads data from a file stream? 2012-02-08

    I've been playing with gSOAP XML data binding by loading XML document into C++ class, modifying data and serializing it back into XML. Here's the snippet of the XML - library.xml: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <gt:Library xmlns:SOAP

    Tags: xml, data binding, xml serialization, gsoap
  • vector of objects to use with a vector of pointers 2012-02-08

    The proxy objects generated by gSoap indicate that I should use a vector of pointers: class SOAP_CMAC ota__RoomStayTypeRoomRates { public: std::vector<class ota__RoomRateType * >RoomRate; //.... }; Rather than using: vector.push_back(new Object

    Tags: std, gsoap

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