• Can Grails Asset Pipeline serve assets from multiple root URLs? 2018-09-09

    Can the Grails Asset Pipeline serve assets from multiple root URLs? I am upgrading an existing Grails app from Resources to Asset Pipeline, and don't want to change the URLs from which the assets are served. Existing assets are served from: /css /ima

    Tags: grails, asset pipeline
  • Grails restrict old browsers 2018-07-03

    I'm running in Grails v2.4.4. How can I prevent user access web in the old browsers. This page works only on IE9 or higher. How can I stop them with lower? I looked on Grails plug in and found browser detection plugin. But in seems to work on view si

    Tags: grails, internet explorer
  • set default render file to index.html in grails 3 when routing to a webapp folder 2018-04-18

    I have an index.html page within webapp/test folder. If I go to path localhost:8080/test/index.html, the page renders but if I go to localhost:8080/test/ it gives me page not found error. What is the right way to achieve this? In my UrlMappings.groov

    Tags: grails, grails 3.0
  • Basic Password Hashing Grails 2018-04-14

    I am currently playing around with Grails, and I am making a basic login and session system (just for fun). I currently have a form on a webpage that reads a username and password and sends them into a controller. This is currently what the code in t

    Tags: grails, password encryption
  • grails 3.0.1 proxy settings 2018-02-15

    I am new to Grails 3.0.1 and wonder how and where to set the correct Proxy settings. I know what my proxy configuration is - IP and port, but don't know where to place. I am getting errors like these when trying to run grails command within my hellow

    Tags: proxy, grails
  • How to generate dynamic url in grails 2018-02-01

    I am stuck in grails url mapping ,my requirement is to generate dynamic url based on some text entered in Database. Let say "category" is a field in data base ,and I enter "Mobile", then the url for the mobile should be

    Tags: grails, url mapping, dynamic url
  • grailsApplication autowiring to spock tests are always null 2017-12-06

    Spock tests injects null to grailsApplication,as i tried autowiring both to grails service and to domain objects(spec) code(AttackSpec.groovy) package core import grails.test.mixin.TestFor import grails.test.mixin.TestMixin import grails.test.mixin.s

    Tags: grails, spock
  • Using Geb Browser object from Grails test phase events 2017-11-16

    I have a Grails event handler like this in scripts/_Events.groovy eventTestPhaseStart = { { go "http://localhost:8080/...." } } And grails test-app -functional logs an error "The path to the driver executable must be set b

    Tags: grails, geb
  • How can convert data that I have stored as a string into a map 2017-06-06

    I have one String stored in my DDBB, for example in my column data I have this String: "name=James castle&age=20" and I want, in my Services, converted to a map I'm trying something like: List <NameValuePair> parameters = myDomainInsta

    Tags: string, grails
  • Which Grails version is more compatible with current plugins list? 2017-04-25

    I'm trying with the 2.5.0 release of Grails but I have had problems of compatibility with some plugins I've tried (for example searchable) Which version of Grails you recommend to start a new project? I'd like to start with the version more compatibl

    Tags: grails
  • How to pass list to jasper in grails using JasperService 2016-11-09

    Here is my Domain class class User { String admin String name String phoneNumber String email String questionSet } Here is my view.gsp for Jasper report <g:jasperReport controller="profile" action="jasperdata" format="PDF"

    Tags: grails, jasper reports
  • How to retrieve LDAP data in Grails? 2016-10-11

    I am trying to use the Grails plugin 'directory services' to access LDAP data. I am unable to configure it in GGTS. Can anyone help me with the code or directions to be used in coding a program for LDAP access in GGTS. --------------Solutions--------

    Tags: grails, ldap
  • Grails, call controller method in gsp, set default user in form 2016-08-14

    I'm realising authentication with the Spring Security core plugin. Now I have a class with generated CRUD views and I want to adjust them. Part of the Domain class is a user. If the user has just "user-rights" he shouldn't be able to select a us

    Tags: grails, controller, view, gorm
  • GORM mappedBy and mapping difference

    GORM mappedBy and mapping difference 2016-04-16

    In the GORM what is the difference between mappedBy and mapping? static mapping = { ... } static mappedBy = { ... } --------------Solutions------------- mapping mapping simply tells GORM to explicitly map one or more Domain properties to a specific d

    Tags: grails, gorm
  • Quickest way to check GORM validity 2016-04-03

    I have a legacy database which I am trying to write a GORM for. I can't update it. I making best guesses at what way I can write the GORM objects and then start up with validation mode equal to true. Just wondering is there a quicker way to do this -

    Tags: grails, gorm
  • Can't invoke remote EJB: no generator provided 2016-01-25

    My grails app on Tomcat tries to invoke a remote EJB, which is on GlassFish RemoteService.groovy class RemoteService { static transactional = false static Bin bin; public ICallCenter getAction() throws NamingException { if (bin == null) { bin = new B

    Tags: grails, tomcat, ejb, glassfish
  • Need Help For Set Google Plus API in Grails 2016-01-14

    I am using Grails OAuth plugin. Here is Config.groovy code: oauth { providers { google { api = org.scribe.builder.api.GoogleApi key = '' secret = 'XXX' scope = '' callback

    Tags: grails, oauth, google plus
  • Grails Rest API / curl -X GET works but Restbuilder() gets 403 2016-01-07

    I am writing a simple Grails application to gain some experiences. Following some samples I have implemented a simple REST web service. Using curl: curl -X GET -H "Accept:application/json" http://localhost:8080/api/v1/agent/1 I get the responses

    Tags: grails, spring security
  • Pagination in Grails where user can input the page number 2015-12-04

    I have done pagination using Grails remote pagination in my project. How can I modify it and add a search space where user can enter the specific number, and that number takes to that page or where they want to paginate?

    Tags: grails, pagination
  • Grails- how to open a modal in the gsp 2015-11-25

    If a condition is exist I have to open a modal window which is in a template called "thanksContactModal", and have id "thank-contact-us". I try to use the following code: <g:if test="${messageSent}"><div><g:ren

    Tags: grails, modal dialog

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