• scroll not appear after ajax call fullpage.js 2018-04-14

    I'm using ajax with fullpage.js to get gallery images and apply isotope on it, after I click on the link to open gallery (go to target section) the scroll of the page does not appear and I can't scroll, but if I re-size the browser the scroll appears

    Tags: javascript, ajax, jquery, fullpage.js, slimscroll
  • make SVG as a timeline 2017-07-26

    i' m trying to make a circular timeline with SVG. i m using a fullpage js so i made a blue line working progressivly on scroll around the circle but now i want that my anchors dash array appears too but i can t find the solution, i want my anchors ap

    Tags: javascript, jquery, svg, timeline, fullpage.js
  • HTML/JS - Create a "double-level" of anchors 2015-03-23

    im developing a one-page-based website. The main page has vertical scrolling through a menu and sections/data-anchors. Now i'd need to put in one section an horizontal slider. To be more specific, i have div which is filled by a php script with one o

    Tags: php, javascript, css, jquery, fullpage.js
  • The header becomes the footer upon scrolling using FullPage.js

    The header becomes the footer upon scrolling using FullPage.js 2014-09-09

    I'm using fullPage.js for almost a month only and I'm still on the process of testing it. Is it possible that upon scrolling from another section the header in section-1 becomes the footer in section-2? Example is this. From this section-1, notice th

    Tags: fullpage.js
  • fullPage.js won't scroll 2014-06-03

    I'm surprised I couldn't find the answer to this problem before. I tried to incorporate the fullpage plugin into my site and basically disabled the scrolling function. It is stuck on the first section. I tried to make a simplified version, cutting ev

    Tags: scroll, fullpage.js
  • Full page scroll with rotating logo 2014-03-19

    I have a website which uses Fullpage.js and I need the logo to rotate 180 degrees as I scroll through each of the sections. How can i do this Here is the link : http://www.bfgstudio.co.uk/testing/VIM/ --------------Solutions------------- You should m

    Tags: javascript, css, jquery, rotation, fullpage.js

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