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  • python text splitter program 2018-12-17

    I have a program that splits a text into sentences using the following rule: Sentence boundaries occur at ".", "?" and "!" except: A) Periods followed by digit with no intervening whitespaces. B) Periods followed by whitespac

    Tags: python, file io
  • Loading mixed numeric and string data

    Loading mixed numeric and string data 2018-11-08

    I'm new to matlab. I have the a file named and I'm trying to load it's contents into variables. The file have the folowing contents: 5.1,3.5,1.4,0.2,Iris-setosa 4.9,3.0,1.4,0.2,Iris-setosa 4.7,3.2,1.3,0.2,Iris-setosa 4.6,3.1,1.5,0.2,Iris-se

    Tags: matlab, file io
  • JAVA read text files, count numbers and write it to Jtable 2018-10-18

    I am still learning JAVA and have been trying to find a solution for my program for a few days, but I haven't gotten it fixed yet. I have many text files (my program saves). The files look like this: text (tab) number (tab) number (tab)... text (tab)

    Tags: java, swing, file io, jtable
  • Read values from .txt file to vectors in Matlab 2018-09-13

    I have data in a text file, which contains varying amount of columns at each row in the text file. The data I have is at following format: 2 21 2623 707 40 1 After there's three numbers in a row the data remains at the same structure until the end of

    Tags: matlab, file, file io
  • Writing in .txt without erasing the previous

    Writing in .txt without erasing the previous 2018-09-10

    I have notice in my code that, whenever I enter a new input, the previous text I entered is gone and completely being replace by the new one. How do I create a new one without removing the previous text? Here's is my code: String pangalan = nameField

    Tags: java, file, file io
  • Complicated text file with variable columns per row for MATLAB 2018-05-08

    I've got a fairly large and complex text file to read into MATLAB. The basic format looks something like this: 000723 4 123.12345 5 234.76543 ... 178.94444\n The first column is always a six-digit date in yymmdd format, and the last column is always

    Tags: matlab, file io, text
  • FILE I/O in C++ throws an error 2018-04-25

    int main(array<System::String ^> ^args) { FILE* fp; char str[1]; int x = 0; fp = fopen("C:\\input.txt", "r"); do{ x = fscanf(fp, "%s", str); if (x != -1) // So that the last string is not printed twice { printf("%s

    Tags: file io
  • C programming pass char to function var list 2018-04-07

    I need help with passing char to function's var list. Here is the code: #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> /* for the exit command */ #pragma warning (disable :4996) void AddCustomer(char phone, char firstname, char lastname, char creditca

    Tags: arrays, pointers, file io, char
  • how to locate/read the file to read using jopendocument 2018-01-21

    Where should I place a file to be read in java code using jOpenDocument API. To be precise what should be the address in below code, where should it point to. I am using Intellij, should the file be in src folder or project? File file = new File("tem

    Tags: java, file io
  • file i/o writing and reading file in c 2017-12-06

    I am new in c programming.I just start to learn file i/o.So my problem here is after I enter all the data for write file,my program say there is a problem and exited.Which part of my program is wrong? //THIS PROGRAM WRITE RECORDS IN A TXT.FILE AND TH

    Tags: file io
  • Perl created files with future timestamps on FreeBSD 9.3 2017-11-03

    I just encountered some strange behavior with Perl 5.16.3 on FreeBSD 9.3-RELEASE-p3. We've got a cron job which runs every five minutes and generates some text status files. I just happened to list the contents of the output directory and saw that th

    Tags: perl, file io, freebsd
  • File.Copy not working - no error 2017-09-07

    Please take a look at this code. For some reason that I can't figure out, the File.Delete() line isn't getting fired and I'm not getting an error. ' hard-coded for testing Dim path As String = "C:\Program Files (x86)\Test\Program\Program.exe" Di

    Tags:, file io
  • Finding a word in a text file 2017-07-11

    So I have a large file text file, one that is 12,970 lines long. Within this insanely large data file I have two groups: one that is called A and one that is called S. A starts at line 1 and ends at line 7678. S starts on the next line and ends at li

    Tags: file io, list
  • I can't figure out why "cout" didn't work properly 2017-07-05

    I wrote a code for implementing file I/O. this code contains two function - one used to write characters into text file, and the other used to read characters from text file. #define _CRT_SECURE_NO_WARNINGS #pragma once #include <iostream> #include

    Tags: file io
  • C Programming: Error in program. Won't show Max/Min/Average of files inputted by user 2016-11-25

    I'm attempting to create a code that the user inputs a filename and the program will then find the Min, Max, and Average of the numbers in the file. This is a sample of a file the user would input into the program (the # are comments and would be ign

    Tags: file io, fscanf
  • How to create-then-atomically-rename file in Java on Windows? 2016-06-12

    I am trying to implement "write temporary file and rename" using Java on Windows correctly. How to atomically rename a file in Java, even if the dest file already exists? suggests renaming files is "atomic operation" (whatever "at

    Tags: windows, java, file io, atomicity
  • How to read a excel file from src/test/resources in Java 2016-05-29

    I am trying to read an excel file for testing from test/resources, but i keep getting the FileNotFoundException. I have tried these two approaches, both seem to be giving the same FileNotFoundException. File decisionConfig=new File("src/test/resource

    Tags: java, file, file io, excel
  • how to read .vce files 2016-05-27

    I need to create my own .vce files reader. Does any one know if somebody did this before or have link to any helpful ressource ? The only thing I found is this post: Reverse Engineer a File Format .vce equivalent open format?

    Tags: file io, file format
  • Fill file ASCII values 2016-05-17

    I want to create a file filled with 0 or other letters. Here's my function int fill(const int d, struct aiocb *aiorp, void *buf, const int count){ int rv = 0; memset( (void *)aiorp, 0, sizeof( struct aiocb ) ); // <-here second paramether is 0 aiorp-

    Tags: file io, aio
  • Python: Read values into empty array and then back into file 2016-03-09

    I would like to read numbers from a txt file (highscore.txt) in python and assign those values to an empty array (highscores). Then I'd like to add another value into the array and then overwrite the file with the new values in the array. I've put to

    Tags: python, arrays, sorting, file io

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