• Unable to push a docker image to the docker hub 2018-12-05

    This is the image I'm trying to push to the docker hub REPOSITORY TAG IMAGE ID CREATED VIRTUAL SIZE smiduthu/has_test latest 2e0d0ba5412a 27 minutes ago 765.4 MB I'm doing docker push smiduthu/has_test. The following error is occured while I try to p

    Tags: docker, dockerhub, docker registry
  • docker pull postgresql repository fails 2014-11-13

    I tried to pull official postgresql repository from docker hub, but failed with following error Pulling repository postgres bf872395e1d4: Error pulling image (9.4-beta2) from postgres, failed to parse certificate from server: x509: negative serial nu

    Tags: docker, dockerhub
  • How to patch exsisting images with new images in docker? 2014-11-06

    Suppose i have images pulled named, matrix-data and running with container names as matrix. Now i have few bug fixes in my matrix-data images and i want to patch it to current running images. Stop running container Build the new images with bug fix.

    Tags: docker, dockerhub

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