• Error WSDL Delphi XE4 (SOAP Russian Post) 2018-12-28 [dcc32 Error] OperationHistory.pas(534): E2003 Undeclared identifier: 'mustUnderstand' [dcc32 Error] OperationHistory.pas(538): E2005 'mustUnderstand' is not a type id

    Tags: delphi, soap
  • Set node state in a virtual tree 2018-12-28

    I have created a virtual tree with multiple node and I want to disable some of them. I've seen there's a States property of a node. Which is a property of a type TVirtualNodeStates so I've check what kind of states I can set and apparently TVirtualNo

    Tags: delphi, virtualtreeview, nodes
  • How to Get IMEI on Android 5 in firemonkey? 2018-12-19

    I try to get IMEI on android device and i can do this on android 4.2 successfully but my written code does not work on android 5 and later how do get IMEI on android 5 in firemonkey? --------------Solutions------------- Here is a code snippet which g

    Tags: delphi, android, imei, firemonkey
  • Focus control in a frame

    Focus control in a frame 2018-06-24

    I hope I can explain wich is the prblem i'm trying to solve. I've a form with 3 papnels: 1 for buttons, 1 for data, and 1 for messages. The data panel is populated with some frames (one for each database table I need to use). The table detail frame a

    Tags: delphi, interface
  • Multithread interactions 2018-05-10

    Main Form: unit Unit3; interface uses Winapi.Windows, Winapi.Messages, System.SysUtils, System.Variants, System.Classes, Vcl.Graphics, Vcl.Controls, Vcl.Forms, Vcl.Dialogs, Vcl.StdCtrls; type TForm3 = class(TForm) Memo1: TMemo; Button1: TButton; Butt

    Tags: multithreading, delphi
  • Loop gives other results 2018-03-27

    I have this python code here: spalte=5 for x in range(spalte): print x print spalte for i in range(spalte-1): print i print spalte-1 And the pascal / delphi loop here: spalte=5 for x := 0 to spalte do begin writeln(x); writeln(spalte); for i := 0 to

    Tags: python, delphi
  • How to preselect capslock in TouchKeyboard component 2018-03-04

    I am working with Delphi TTouchKeyboard component. Because in later use people will mainly use capital letters, I would like to preselect capslock. My problem now is, that the Touchkeyboard only changes its key caption when I click directly on a key.

    Tags: keyboard, delphi, capslock
  • Can I assign the method of an extended record to an event in Delphi? 2017-12-26

    Given the following record type: type TMyRecord = record private procedure SomeMethod(_Sender: TObject); end; should it be possible to assign this method as the event handler? var MyRecord: TMyRecord; begin Button1.OnClick := MyRecord.SomeMethod; end

    Tags: delphi, delphi 2007
  • Can I use TAnimation without TFMXObject 2017-12-16

    I'm drawing my own shapes directly on a TCanvas in the onPaint event (i.e. I'm not using TShape). Can I use a TAnimation to animate elements in my drawing? I was hoping I'd find the current value as a property on TAnimation, or at least as an argumen

    Tags: delphi, firemonkey, delphi xe8
  • Best practice for resolving in Spring4D? 2017-12-07

    In the spring4d demos, ServiceLocator.GetService<MyType>('Name') is used to resolve the types. But why not use GlobalContainer.Resolve<MyType>('Name')? I don't see any advantage in this approach... --------------Solutions------------- There is

    Tags: delphi, dependency injection, ioc container, spring4d, delphi xe6
  • How do I get a dynamic TClientDataset (based on TRESTResponseDataSetAdapter) to correctly recognise boolean values? 2017-08-23

    I've built a delphi client sample in Delphi XE5 that utilises the Rest library: TRestClient TRestRequest TRestResponse TRESTResponseDataSetAdapter TClientDataSet (and TDataSource bound to TDBGrid and TcxGridDBTableView) All served by an Web A

    Tags: delphi, json, delphi xe5
  • TStringGrid cannot display very long (6K) strings 2017-06-28

    I want to load some text in a TStringGrid. The strings are short except for a column where the string is over 100K. It seems that TStringGrid cannot handle this. The text does not appear in the cell until I double click the cell to edit it. But even

    Tags: delphi, delphi xe7
  • EnumWindows behaving oddly in 64-bit Delphi 2017-06-21

    I am working in Delphi XE3, on a 64-bit Windows 8 machine, building 32-bit and 64-bit applications. I am using EnumWindows to find out the Windows Handle of the main window of a process given its Process ID. The code uses the LPARAM parameter in the

    Tags: winapi, delphi, win64, delphi xe3
  • delphi - disconnect IdHTTP in the middle of long-poll request 2017-06-03

    I am implementing a live chat in my deplhi project, which receives new messages by doing GET request to the server. The server itself closes connection after 20 seconds if no new messages occur. Code discribed above is located in a separate thread (i

    Tags: multithreading, delphi, delphi 7, idhttp
  • Lock record in database table 2016-09-21

    I have a multi user database system. I would like to know if there is a way so that only one user can view/edit 1 record at once. When I say view/edit 1 record, I mean open the form which contains the records fields on it. If another user tries to go

    Tags: delphi, delphi xe2
  • Delphi COM vs DLL in .NET 2016-08-14

    Need to create a Delphi DLL that can be called from Delphi and .NET. What does .NET like more, COM or dll? Or does it matter? I just remember hearing that COM can be annoying because of versioning. --------------Solutions------------- The issue of ve

    Tags: .net, delphi, .net 4.5
  • Access violations in the BDE when adding indexes 2016-05-17

    I'm attempting to add an index to a fairly large (1.2 million records) DBase 7 table with memo fields. When I add the first 2 indexes, it works with no problem. However, when I attempt to add the 3rd index, which is a one field index with no options

    Tags: delphi, delphi 7, bde
  • Operations with record in Delphi 2016-05-12

    I have the following code type TEnumTest = ( Hello1 = 0, Hello2 = 1, Hello3 = 2, Hello4 = 3, Hello5 = 4 ); type TRecordTest1 = record testa : Integer; testb : AnsiString; testc : Boolean; testd : LongWord; end; type TRecordTest2 = record testa : Inte

    Tags: delphi
  • SIGILL Exception in Lazarus 2016-05-03

    After working fine for a while, my code started to raise a SIGILL exception when used. I didn't understand the documentation. What does the SIGILL exception means in practical therms? This is the code that is raising the exception, could you help me

    Tags: exception, delphi, lazarus, fpc
  • LinkedList Read One by one 2016-02-27

    I am using simplelinkedlist. Here: ( I want to read all list one by one. But i couldnt find any option for this. Here is my codes : function TKduCache.addJPIPResponseData(jRes:

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