• REORG command in db2 2019-01-15

    So I have been altering a table in QMF. After 3 alters I believe the table has gone into a pending reorg state so that I cannot alter it additionally. Am I correct in this assumption? If so what implications does this have and to get around it can I

    Tags: reorganize, db2
  • 1 Working Day Back In SQL DB2 2018-10-30

    I need to select data from database with a date that is one day back into the past but on working day. Is there a specific function for that ( Excel has got formula =Workday)? I am downloading data from DB2 to excel with VBA instructions. Here is the

    Tags: sql, db2, vba
  • bluemix DataCache sync to DB2 2018-08-29

    I'm using BlueMix's DataCache service infront of DB2 service. Is there any way I can sync the cache to DB2 service easily? --------------Solutions------------- You mentioned that you have Bluemix DataCache in front of DB2 service, so I assume that yo

    Tags: db2, bluemix
  • Does SP in db2 waits for triggers to execute 2018-02-07

    We have scenario where we want user to update certain tables in DB2. Which we are doing using a SP and transaction management is done for same. However, now we need to introdue one new table for logging user actions, but we don't want to keep user wa

    Tags: multithreading, stored procedures, db2, triggers, jdbc
  • Yse two data-sources for hibernate project 2017-08-17

    I have Hibernate project with data-source and i need to define a new data-source and make some DAOs use this new data-source but while using it i got this exception : javax.ejb.EJBException: The com.report.dao.ReportDAO/em reference of type javax.per

    Tags: db2, hibernate
  • How to set no lock on tables in iseries/AS400 2016-05-06

    I have informatica ETL that will read the views and fetch data coming from DB2 iseries/AS400 but I have error saying "something in progress" I just want to know if there's a way in iseries to setup the view or the table with no lock so I can acc

    Tags: db2, ibm midrange, informatica powercenter
  • db2 - Get Week of the Month 2015-11-18

    Hello guys I need know the number of the week of a month For example: Date | WeekOfTheMonth 2015-04-15 | 3 2015-03-01 | 1 2015-01-08 | 2 Beacuse in docs only see Week of the year Thanks --------------Solutions------------- Test this SQL query SELECT

    Tags: db2
  • Finding Max value of multiple fields 2015-03-10

    I need help writing an sql query. I have a report which has values for columns that are different, but i need to have an extra column that gets the maximum value from the previous column and repeats it for every primary key. I need sth like this: COL

    Tags: sql, db2
  • ROW_NUMBER() OVER() returns the wrong order when used in a nested SQL DB2 query 2015-02-25

    I want the below query to delete the same rows which are returned by this select query: select emp_id, row_number(), over() as row_num from employee order by date_z desc Delete query: delete from ( select emp_id, row_number(), over() as row_num from

    Tags: db2, sql order by, rownum
  • How to mock DB2 XML Scalar Functions in HSQLDB 2015-01-26

    I need to test DB2 query with XML scalar functions using HSQLDB. I am using HSQLDB in DB2 mode but still getting the exception org.hsqldb.HsqlException: user lacks privilege or object not found: XMLSERIALIZE. Could somebody help with that? Thanks in

    Tags: unit testing, sql, db2, hsqldb
  • SQL - Combine multiple rows data into comma seperate result 2015-01-19

    Using SQL query SELECT STUFF(( SELECT ',' + DIMENSION FROM FSP_SEL_DATA FOR XML PATH('') ), 1, 1, '') I am trying to combine multiple row' s data DIMENSION of table FSP_SEL_DATA into comma separate result but it is returning the below error: An unexp

    Tags: sql, db2
  • does db2 have identity insert on? 2015-01-11

    I have table with identity, seed 1 auto increment 1. In that table I have rows with primary key 1,2,4,5 (3 is missing, I deleted it), now I want to insert values in that table but with ID of 3, but I can't find it how in db2... Any help? Thanks in ad

    Tags: sql, insert, db2, identity
  • SQL and DB2 create command 2015-01-07

    I am going through a tutorial on how to use DB2 which is in a linux environment. I am supposed to connect to a database, create a table, insert some data under db2 shell: db2 connect to c3421m db2 db2 => update command options using z ON Assignmen

    Tags: database, sql, db2
  • wrapper & server on db2 10.5 C Express 2015-01-07

    I have a problem with my wrapper & servers. On my server (db210.5 c express on windows) having 3 databases(d1,d2,d3). I have created one more database as d4. By keeping the d4 as base, I created one wrapper & 3 servers for (d1,d2,d3) database

    Tags: db2
  • db2 explain stored procedure 2014-12-29

    How to explain stored procedure in IBM Data Studio? I know that there exist db2expln command. But I want a solution to explain the SP in graphical interface. Also I know that selecting a query and then right clicking on it, there exists open visual e

    Tags: db2, explain, ibm data studio
  • Optimizing select query with DISTINCT 2014-12-23

    My query goes like this. If I just run the query without a distinct, it takes only 11 seconds. While it takes 46 seconds to run with distinct. Any advice on how this can be optimized? SELECT * FROM ( SELECT DISTINCT ELIGIBLE_TO_SIGN_DT , LAST_NAME ,

    Tags: sql, db2
  • How to create DB2 multiple Instance? 2014-12-15

    I have response file which create one instance of DB2. How to create multiple Db2 instances using the response file for silent installation of DB2? --------------Solutions------------- In the response file you can define multiple instances. You have

    Tags: db2, chef
  • Login issue with DB2 Database using my local account 2014-09-26

    I have installed DB2 Express-C in my office machine. This machine does not allow me to create new account, so I installed DB2 using my local login account. Database installed successfully. But when I try to connect to the database, it always says "Us

    Tags: windows, security, db2
  • How to convert column values into separated with comma string in DB2 2014-09-23

    I am unable to find DB2 query to make column values into one single value separating with comma. Actual Table: Table Name: Emp Id Name 1 Test1 2 Test2 3 Test3 Expected Result: Name Test1,Test2,Test3 Cany some one suggest me the way to do it in DB2 or

    Tags: db2
  • What does "|" do in Jython 2014-08-12

    class Db2profile(Cmd): BIN_NAME = 'db2profile' @staticmethod def handler(output): return output.splitlines() def set_db2_profile(executor, instance_home): #cmdline = '. ' + str(shell_interpreter.normalizePath(instance_home + Db2profile.BIN_NAME)) cmd

    Tags: python, bash, db2, jython

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