• Elasticsearch Date Range Aggregation and Time Zone 2019-03-20

    i try to build a date range aggregation, but i have a problem to add the time zone. The Timestamps in the search documents look like: "2015-06-29T00:00:00.000+02:00". It`s yoga-time with the german time zone. The date histogramm aggregation and

    Tags: timezone, date, aggregation, elasticsearch
  • Excel: IF & DATEDIF formula to defer into future quarters 2019-03-01

    I am having trouble distributing the total sales based on the recognition quarter and dividing them into future quarters upto ending quarter&year. Thanks for your help. Known variables: Sales person, expected total sales per person, sales start date,

    Tags: date, excel
  • python - how to check whether some given date exists in netcdf file 2019-01-30

    I read my timesteps from a netcdf file: timesteps = ncfile.variables['time'] Now I would like to know whether some given date (say, June 23th) exists in that list. If it does, I want to omit it. The netcdf file contains arbitrary dates. I have no clu

    Tags: python, date, select, netcdf
  • Check if one date range is within another 2019-01-13

    For Example I have this range : 2015-06-01 to 2015-06-03. Now I'm going to edit this date in my form. The form however checks if the range overlaps with another range (you can't enter two leaves on the same day). Right now I use this to verify that i

    Tags: php, date
  • How to get dates between two dates 2018-12-30

    List of Dates between my From and Two <?php $scheduleStartDate = 2015-06-20; $scheduleEndDate = 2015-06-25; $Date = getDatesFromRange($scheduleStartDate,$scheduleEndDate); $Date = substr($Date, 0, -1); function getDatesFromRange($start, $end){ $dates

    Tags: php, date
  • Pass date input string to cell range 2018-10-20

    I am trying to pass the date entered in this input box through a range of cells in a specific column. The range isn't specific but must fill all the cells that currently contain data in that column. 'Date input box Sub dateInput() Dim dateString As S

    Tags: string, date, excel, excel vba
  • retrieve date from database as another format 2018-09-02

    I'm using oracle as my database, I have a taskdate column as TIMESTAMP. the format it save in database is 5/29/2015 10:27:04.000000 AM. can I convert it into 2015-05-29 this format when I retrieve it out?? --------------Solutions------------- Of cour

    Tags:, date, oracle, format
  • trouble with string to date conversion 2018-08-02

    Greetings StackWarriors.... I am in need of some help. I have this SQL Select statement: SELECT GEOID, cast(LEFT(PP.PurchaseDate,4) + RIGHT(Left(PP.PurchaseDate,6),2) as integer) AS Month FROM PropertyParametersNew PP join PropertyTracts PT on PP.Par

    Tags: sql, sql server, date
  • Timestamp and UTC kind 2018-07-14

    In my application i receive Time stamp and in c# code I convert into date and pass this date to execute the stored procedure .My application is placed in server machine. But when this date is printed in log i saw the date is receiving in server one d

    Tags: date, datetime, utc, timestamp
  • Convert date from dutch to english 2018-06-23

    I thought this going to be quite easy but it is not! I have date: mei 28, 2015 (dutch) and I would like to convert it to english Y-m-d Problem is site is multilang so I would like it to stay dynamic (replace mai to may) is not solution, I've already

    Tags: php, date, magento
  • C# Linq double groupby need min/max for hourly values once per day 2018-06-12

    I have been playing around with this for awhile now and can't quite get the result I am looking for. I have an object like this: public class Point { public string Tag {get;set;} public DateTime Time {get;set;} public int Value {get;set;} } Each tag

    Tags: linq, date
  • How do I find "origin" of a Date in R 2018-04-29

    If I have a date that i've converted using the as.Date function, e.g. "2015-01-01" how can I find out what date it is using as reference for its origin? And yes, I tried ?Date, and tried using the default origin, but got days in 1945. I would li

    Tags: date
  • Sending date query to database 2018-04-12

    $date = getdate(); $query = "UPDATE Members Set Name = '$desiredName', Latest_Update = '$date' Where ID = '$currentID'"; if(sqlsrv_query($conn, $query)) { echo "Record successfully updated."; } I have this query to update a name of a m

    Tags: php, mysql, date
  • Converting minutes and hours into text representations in Java? 2018-04-02

    I'm using the SimpleDateFormat and Date class to get the current time. The watch face I am developing for Android wear requires the text version of the time. For example, 8:30 would be "eight" and "thirty", 9:21 would be "nine&quo

    Tags: java, date, class, android, simpledateformat
  • RegEx Notepad++ Python Script to change Date Format 2018-03-23

    Gang...I need a notepad++ python script teaching moment. I want to find and replace a date format (MM/DD/YY and replace with YYYY-MM-DD). In NotePad++ RegEx I can do this with Find: (([0-9]+)/+([0-9]+)/+([0-9]+)) Replace: 20\3-\1-\2 Would someone sho

    Tags: regex, python, date
  • Javascript, advancing date range 2018-03-12

    I using a date-picker to set a start and end date. The date range is supposed to move forward each day for a two week, sliding window of entry. My code below works but I would like to refactor it into something that is easier to maintain. What techni

    Tags: javascript, date, jquery
  • how to convert date format in php 2018-02-19

    This question already has an answer here: Convert date format yyyy-mm-dd => dd-mm-yyyy 11 answers I tried to convert date format which is store in databaseas '2015-04-20' to '04-20-2015'.Now I caught garbage value in date_format(). echo $dob1=$vfet['

    Tags: php, date
  • Java Collection Using Date Sorting on Same Date with AM/PM 2018-01-31

    I have Date as listed below: 17/03/2015 09:38:39 AM 17/03/2015 10:52:26 AM 10/03/2015 08:30:56 AM 02/03/2015 09:18:10 AM 02/03/2015 09:37:23 AM 02/03/2015 11:25:01 AM 02/03/2015 11:29:00 AM 02/03/2015 11:42:38 AM 02/03/2015 12:04:39 PM 02/03/2015 12:

    Tags: java, date
  • Java date issue while storing and querying? 2017-12-20

    I am using Java 1.7 and mysql database. mysql db is set to UTC timezone. I have below code to save the date into db. While saving I am using new java.util.Date() If I want to search by Date range through UI, I have below code. Javascript file: var be

    Tags: mysql, java, date, datetime, hibernate
  • Need batch file to rename files with last month's date to this month's date 2017-11-30

    Most of what I can find on here is appending the date to a filename, but I need to drop last month's date and then append this month's date. I've got the date part figured out, but I just need help with the rename portion. The variables in the batch

    Tags: date, batch file, rename

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