• Changing Legend label text in bokeh histogram 2019-03-12

    I am working on a histogram chart using the high level chart histogram capability. I have two lists of data that are different lengths. When I ask for a legend to be displayed the labels for the two lists are 0 and 1. I can't find a simple way to cha

    Tags: bokeh
  • Color cycles for charts 2017-10-09

    I've been trying to create a plot with many (~1000s) of boxplots using Bokeh (v0.8.1). I noticed that whenever I try to use the bokeh.charts.BoxPlot function I hit an error with plots with more than 6 boxplots. import numpy as np from bokeh.charts im

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  • Frozen Bokeh application too large

    Frozen Bokeh application too large 2016-06-21

    I have created a Bokeh application based largely on this recipe: This works great but I need to to be able to distribute this application to my team, most of whom don't have python, let

    Tags: python, executable, cx freeze, bokeh
  • In Bokeh Timeseries plot, how do I specify line_width? 2015-09-26

    ts1 = TimeSeries( xyvalues1, index='Time', legend=True, title="RSSI and PER", tools=TOOLS, xscale='datetime', xlabel = 'time', ylabel='Rx Power (dB)', width = 1800, height = 300) ts2 = TimeSeries( xyvalues2, index='Time', legend=True, title=&quo

    Tags: python, time series, bokeh
  • Infinite horizontal line in Bokeh 2015-03-01

    Is there a way to plot an infinite horizontal line with Bokeh? The endpoints of the line should never become visible, no matter how far out the user is zooming. This is what I've tried so far. It just prints an empty canvas: import bokeh.plotting as

    Tags: python, plot, line, bokeh
  • How to build tree diagrams in bokeh 2015-02-04

    What would it take to implement a tree diagram in bokeh? Something similar to this DS example would be nice -- I'm just looking to visualize a data structure, so only need the pan, zoom, and collapse functiona

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  • In python's Bokeh, how can I remove text above the plot? 2014-07-28

    With the following code: import bokeh.plotting as bplt bplt.output_file('output.html', mode="cdn") I get an html file with my graph(s); but it has the text: You have 1 plots Close All Plots Above the graph. Is there a way to produce html output witho

    Tags: python, bokeh
  • Fitting bokeh-plot's ordinate in a line to each other

    Fitting bokeh-plot's ordinate in a line to each other 2014-04-02

    Which setting do I have to use to fit the ordinate axis position in the middle to the other two? The bigger y-axis scale moves it away sadly. I am creating the graphs with: plotting.gridplot(rows) Where rows.append(l) with l = line('x', 'y', source=d

    Tags: python, ipython notebook, bokeh
  • Zoom only in x but not in y direction? 2013-12-22

    when displaying a figure produced by Bokeh in a web browser, it is possible to zoom in. Is it possible to zoom only in x-direction, say, but not in y-direction? I am thinking about displaying a time series f(t) where the range for f(t) is small and f

    Tags: python, bokeh

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