• How to fix Class 'Behat\Behat\Output\Printer\ConsoleOutputPrinter' not found 2017-06-15

    Im trying to use the Behat plugin for PHPStorm (on Behat 3). the problem is once i try to run a feature i will receiving the following Fatal error: Fatal error: Class 'Behat\Behat\Output\Printer\ConsoleOutputPrinter' not found in /private/var/folders

    Tags: php, plugins, phpstorm, behat
  • I have an error after having installed Behat + Mink by "pear" 2013-07-05

    I have installed Behat and Mink by pear commands and after running Behat using behat -h command, I got an error: "PHP Fatal error: Class 'Symfony\Component\Console\Helper\ProgressHelper' not found in /usr/share/php/Symfony/Component/Console/Applicati

    Tags: pear, behat, mink
  • Behat : Error using switchToIFrame() 2013-06-14

    I am working on a Symfony project and I want to create unit test with Behat/Mink. I have a scenario : Feature: Homepage Scenario: Check if I can log on Given I am on "/" And I follow "connexion_js" And I switch to the iframe "cboxIframe" I have defin

    Tags: symfony2, selenium webdriver, behat, mink
  • Generate custom steps with behat 2012-04-11

    I try to write a custom step that's generate step my code looks like : /** * @Then /^Check_raoul$/ */ public function checkRaoul() { // grab the content ... // get players ... $to_return = array(); foreach ($players as $player) { $player = $player-

    Tags: behat
  • Behat user login in separate features 2012-04-03

    I've just started using Behat + Mink with symfony session by default for testing my app. I have two separate features in *.feature files and in both of them I login user. My problem is that they both pass while being executed separately, but can't be

    Tags: bdd, behat, mink
  • Can't alter constants when writing Behat tests for PHP code 2012-03-12

    I've got a PHP-based library that takes phone numbers and translates them into locally appropriate display formats. (E.g., the American phone number 14083493300 becomes 1 (408) 349-4993) The code is part of our office telephone system, which has a ph

    Tags: php, tdd, bdd, behat
  • Why does Behat fail when running a Mink test to an HTTPS-based login service? 2012-02-29

    In order to test internal IT applications from a user's perspective, I need to establish a Behat background for my scenarios that includes logging in to a cookie-based Single Sign On solution. This is the bare minimum test to set up logging in a Give

    Tags: bdd, behat
  • How to generate urls in Behat 2012-02-09

    I have started to test my Symfony2 application with the BehatBundle and MinkBundle. Now I am trying to write scenarios that check the response of some pages. These pages are accessible via an URL which contain the ID of the entities. Now I'm wonderin

    Tags: symfony2, behat, mink
  • Is there a way to have Behat NOT fail on PHP Notice errors? 2012-02-07

    I understand that it is a best practice to have all variables defined and to check for array indexes before evaluating. However, I'm trying to run some tests on new functionalities developed on top of some legacy code which has not been coded this wa

    Tags: php, notice, behat
  • How to set custom template for HTML formatter in Behat 2012-01-19

    I tried in my behat.yml and put the template inside my /support dir, but no help. default: formatter: name: html parameters: template_path: html.tpl Any ideas? --------------Solutions------------- You can extend a custom class from the existing HtmlF

    Tags: behat
  • Unable to test user authentication in symfony2 2011-12-30

    I'm using Symfony2 with Behat, Mink and the FosUser Bundle. The problem is that the login test always fails (the login works perfectly in development). Scenario: A user can login Given I am on "http://localhost:8888/myapp/web/login" And fill in "user

    Tags: symfony2, behat, fosuserbundle, mink
  • Which one is better for writing automated test cases, Behat-Mink Bundle or Sahi Recorder? 2011-12-22

    At present i am using Behat-Mink Bundle for performing automation testing via sahi. The other way to do Automation Testing is recording Test Cases using Sahi Recorder. So which method is better, Using Sahi Recorder or Behat-Mink Bundle? Thanks for yo

    Tags: testing, automated tests, sahi, behat, mink
  • Behat tests fail at random 2011-12-07

    I test my Symfony2 project with PHPUnit and behat/mink. This morning I added more behat tests to my project and all of a sudden random tests started failing. It seems like I hit a limit (memory? execution time? something else?) but I can't find anyth

    Tags: symfony2, behat
  • Behat authenticate Symfony2 user 2011-11-12

    I'm using Behat in Symfony2 / Doctrine2. Now, I have this scenario that boils down to the fact that "if I'm logged in and I go to /login, I shoud go to / instead": @login Scenario: Go to the login page while being logged in Given I am logged in When

    Tags: symfony2, behat
  • Any available reporting tool for Behat/Mink? 2011-11-09

    Is there any available tools to analyse the output of the functionnal tests i launched with Behat/Mink ? Something like : how many times i launched this scenario how many times it failed how many times it passed maybe even show warning when a scenari

    Tags: bdd, behat, mink
  • Javascript can't get text inputed by Sahi in an 2011-11-08

    TL;DR : In a Behat+Mink (@javascript w/ Sahi) scenario, Sahi enter some text in an <input>, and the Javascript in the page isn't able to get what was entered by Sahi UPDATE: Solution : downloading the last version of Sahi fixed the problem. Wha

    Tags: php, bdd, sahi, behat, mink
  • How to find a text node element with Mink? 2011-11-04

    I was wondering, i have this HTML : <li> <span class="jqTransformRadioWrapper"> <a rel="choices[choices]" class="jqTransformRadio jqTransformChecked" href = "#"></a> <input type="radio" id="choices_choices_5" value="5" name

    Tags: php, functional testing, behat
  • Step definitions in external files in Behat 2011-09-11

    Behat by default looks for the step definitions in file named FeatureContext (all steps in one file). Having a lot of steps, it's hard to maintain such a big file. I'd like to have one definition file per feature file. How can I have step definitions

    Tags: php, testing, bdd, behat
  • Why Sahi Automated Test Cases aren't running in IE8? 2011-08-26

    I am new to Sahi Testing tool. I recorded some test cases using Sahi, when I play back in IE 8.. On my Terminal I am getting error: Window/Domain not found: popupNameFromStep=; derivedName=; windowName=; windowTitle=XD Proxy; wasOpened=0; And IE also

    Tags: internet explorer 8, bdd, testcase, sahi, behat
  • Gherkin in Behat and input validations scenarios 2011-07-03

    I am using Gherkin in Behat and I face an input problem in the validation scenario. Here is the example of the scenario I wrote, but Behat doesn't understand the difference between variable definition in Tags <variable> and test invalid input l

    Tags: bdd, gherkin, behat

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