symfony doctrine three tables one query to Pager (Pagination)?

I have three tables:

Table 1: Images ------------------------ ID | user_id | title ------------------------ 1 | 0 |Image 1 2 | 1 |Image 2 Table 2: Images_Upload (image_id = Table Images ID) ------------------------ ID | image_id | file ------------------------ 1 | 1 |image.png Table 3: User ------------------------ ID | username ------------------------ 1 | user1

On the Website, the users can Upload an Image. If the User is Logged In, and Uploads an Image, then the user_id on Table Image is the users id from Table User. If the User is not Logged In, so the user_id is 0 on Table Image.

I want now list the title, show the image and show the username. (If the user_id = 0, then i will show "noUsername")

$q = Doctrine_Query::create() ->select('*,e.title, n.file AS file, IF(e.user_id = 0,"noUsername",k.username) AS username') ->from('Images e, ImagesUploads n, User k') ->andWhere(' =') ->andWhere('e.user_id = OR e.user_id not'); $this->pager = new sfDoctrinePager( 'Images', sfConfig::get('app_max_image') ); $this->pager->setQuery($q); $this->pager->setPage($request->getParameter('page', 1)); $this->pager->init();

I can't get the usernames.

-------------Problems Reply------------

ID | image_id | file
1 | 1 |image1.png
2 | 2 |image2.png

Yeah. Sorry. I'm new here. I answered.

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