Stored Procedure runs over one dataset, but hangs over the other

I have a stored procedure which pulls a large SQL blob from a table. That SQL blob returns tens of thousands of records and then the SP performs certain actions on those records (inserts into different tables) . Essentially, the blob looks something like this:

select a.accountID from #filter f join account a (nolock) on f.accountID = a.accountID join car c (nolock) c.carID = a.carID

The temp table #filter is populated in the beginning of the sproc by filter out the millions of accounts in the account table, essentially limiting the scope. It looks like this:

select accountID into #filter from account where fileSetID = @fileSetID

This weekend, we got a new file set from a client. For all other file sets, the SP and the SQL blob works, but it hangs on the new one. I dropped and re created the procedure to force a refresh of the execution plan. When I do that, the procedure won't hang over this new file set but it will hang for everyone else.

Any ideas to make this SQL blob work for all filesets?

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