Stored Procedure (mysql) fails with "can't return a result set in the given context"

Im new to mysql stored procedures, so bare with me. But im trying to get this SP to return (leave) if some conditions fails and so forth.

This code validates and it saves the procedure, but when I call the procedure with:

CALL ACH_Deposit(30027616,3300012003,200.00,"USD", "")

It fails with error: "Procedure can't return a result set in the given context"

Does anyone have any idea on what the error is?

Procedure code:

CREATE DEFINER=`redpass_web_urs`@`%` PROCEDURE `ACH_Deposit`( IN __Account_ID BIGINT, IN __To_Bank_Account BIGINT, IN __Amount DECIMAL(10,2), IN __Currency CHAR(3), IN __IP_Address VARCHAR(50) ) COMMENT 'Makes a ACH deposit' BEGIN -- Declare Account Parameters DECLARE _Account_Status INT; DECLARE __Transaction_ID INT; DECLARE _Account_Type INT DEFAULT 0; DECLARE _Fee INT; SELECT Account_Status AS _Account_Status, Account_Type AS _Account_Type FROM Account_Users WHERE Account_ID = __Account_ID; main: BEGIN -- Step 1, is account active ? IF _Account_Status <> 1 THEN -- Account must be active (not restricted, closed etc) SELECT Response_Code, Description FROM ResponseCodes WHERE Response_Code = 106; LEAVE main; -- Here we die.. END IF; -- Step 2, Calculate the FEE (Loading Funds with ACH) IF _Account_Type = 1 THEN -- Personal Account SET _Fee = (SELECT Fee_Template_Personal_1 FROM Fees WHERE Fee_Type_ID = __Fee_Type_ID); ELSE -- Business Account SET _Fee = (SELECT Fee_Template_Business_1 FROM Fees WHERE Fee_Type_ID = __Fee_Type_ID); END IF; -- Step 3, Check that Fee is not bigger then the actual amount IF _Fee > __Amount THEN SELECT Response_Code, Description FROM ResponseCodes WHERE Response_Code = 108; LEAVE main; -- Here we die.. END IF; -- If we come here, we can make the transactions INSERT INTO Bank_Transaction (Bank_Account_ID ,Transaction_Type ,Amount ,IP_Address ,Pending) VALUES (__To_Bank_Account ,11 ,__Amount ,__IP_Address ,1); -- Reserverade pengar -- Transaction ID SET __Transaction_ID = (SELECT LAST_INSERT_ID()); -- Deduct the Fee INSERT INTO Bank_Transaction (Bank_Account_ID ,Transaction_Type ,Amount ,Fee_Type_ID ,Fee_Transaction_ID) VALUES (__To_Bank_Account ,4 ,-__Fee ,21 ,__Transaction_ID); END main; SELECT Response_Code, Description, __Transaction_ID AS Transaction_ID FROM ResponseCodes WHERE Response_Code = 1; END

-------------Problems Reply------------

To retrieve multiple resultsets from the stored procs, you should use a client which supports multiple queries.

If you use PHP, use MySQLi extension and call the procedure using mysqli_multi_query.

MySQL extension is only able to retrieve the first recordset returned by the proc. To be able to use ti, you should set CLIENT_MULTI_RESULTS (decimal 131072) in the parameter $client_flags to mysql_connect

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