SQLDatareader via CLR not returning SQL Message right way

I execute the following code via CLR, is there a reason why the message is not printed to the SQL Server, does it need to wait until the Stored Procedure returns all the rows (there is about 7 Billion rows to return)

SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand(); cmd.Connection = conn; cmd.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure; cmd.CommandText = "spCommand_Select_Rows_For_Delete"; cmd.CommandTimeout = 41600; SqlDataReader reader = cmd.ExecuteReader(); try { string strSQL = ""; SqlContext.Pipe.Send(DateTime.Now.ToString() + " - Started working with ProductTable"); while (reader.Read()) { strSQL = "DELETE FROM ProductTable WHERE ProductId = " + reader["ProductId"].ToString(); SqlCommand cmdDelete = new SqlCommand(strSQL, conn); cmdDelete.Connection = conn; cmdDelete.CommandTimeout = 20800; cmdDelete.ExecuteNonQuery(); } SqlContext.Pipe.Send(DateTime.Now.ToString() + " - Completed working with ProductTable"); } finally { // Always call Close when done reading. reader.Close(); }

My Stored Procedure:

SELECT ProductId FROM ProductTable WHERE ProductInfoId IN ( SELECT ProductInfoId from DeletedProducts )

-------------Problems Reply------------

Here's how you delete 7 billion rows using a nice set based operation. You don't abuse iterate through a datareader in CLR.

SELECT 'Starting'
DELETE TOP (1000000) P
FROM ProductTable P
SELECT * from DeletedProducts DP WHERE P.ProductInfoId = DP.ProductInfoId

For more, see this question Bulk DELETE on SQL Server 2008

But to answer your question, yes, SQL Server will not PRINT (which is what you're doing) immediately

You could probably use SqlContext.Pipe.ExecuteAndSend with RAISERROR WITH NOWAIT to do what you want about the message.

But I'm with gbn's answer about not needing the CLR for batched deletes.

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