sql query first rows with specific column values

i want to start by saying that i know there are a couple of questions regarding similar problems but they either dont answer my question fully or seem to be incompatible with SQLite.

I want to query all rows with value -1 and the first rows with values other than -1. And by "first rows" i mean the group of rows that are first with a certain value. the first row is the row that is first stumbled upon depending on the SORT BY clause

An example of the data and outcome:


a b -1 c d 1 e f 2 g h 2 i j 2 k l -1


a b -1 c d 1 e f 2 k l -1

And as said above, i am using a SQLite database

-------------Problems Reply------------

Do this as two separate queries, one of them containing an inline view; UNION the two

select blah, blah from T where ...
select * from
select blah, blah from T where something else order by somecolumn limit 1

With simple example:

> select * from ex1;
| id | name |
| 1 | Pirate |
| 2 | Monkey |
| 3 | Ninja |
| 4 | Spagheti |
| 5 | kumar |
| 6 | siva |

> select * from ex1 union select "1", "sing" order by case name when 'sing' then 1 else 2 end, name;
| id | name |
| 1 | sing |
| 5 | kumar |
| 2 | Monkey |
| 3 | Ninja |
| 1 | Pirate |
| 6 | siva |
| 4 | Spagheti |

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