Spring passing Class through constructor from xml file

Is it possible to inject Class param through constructor from xml file? How is it done? For example

public Server(Class<?>... configuration) {}

This is class with param to inject

This is my xml file

<constructor-arg index="0"></constructor-arg>

But what shall I do next?

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If your parameter was of type Class<?>, then all you would need is to provide the fully qualified class name

<constructor-arg index="0">java.lang.String</constructor-arg>

But since you have a varargs, you need to add an <array> with values

<constructor-arg index="0">

since args is an array of Object you can use :

<bean name="myBean" class="MyClass"> <constructor-arg> <list> <value>111</value> <value>222</value> <value>333</value> <value>444</value> </list> </constructor-arg> </bean>

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