Split number in randomly-sized portions in Python

I have x = 10 and y = 100.

Can I distribute y elements in randomly-sized portions among x 'element holders'?

I want to create x categories each with a random number of items; however, the number of items created should be exactly y.

I guess it's something like

# number of categories and items x = 10, y = 100 # keep track of how many items we have left to add y_left = y # create all categories for i in range(x): # create category # find number of items in this category num_items_in_category = random.randint(1, y_left) # create items for j in range(num_items_in_category): # create item # set new number of items left to add y_left -= num_items_in_category

-------------Problems Reply------------

Using the functions from this answer you can generate a list of x random numbers that sum to y.

Iterate over the items of this list and make that many random choices (with removal) from a population of elements for each holder.

Or by example:

# requires RandIntVec() & RandFloats() from linked answer

# whatever population you are choosing from, example letter
population = list('qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmQWERTYUIOPASDFGHJKLZXCVBNM1234567890')

# sizes (whatever you want)
num_of_holders = 7
total_elements = len(population)

# empty holder to put results in
element_holder = [[] for _ in xrange(num_of_holders)]

# distribute total_elements elements in randomly-sized portions among num_of_holders 'element holders'
random_portions_in_holder = RandIntVec(num_of_holders, total_elements, Distribution=RandFloats(num_of_holders))

# assign each portion of elements to each 'holder'
for h, portion in enumerate(random_portions_in_holder):
for p in range(portion):
index = random.randrange( len(population) )

# display
print 'Randomly-portioned elements'
for h in element_holder:
print h

# verify
print '\nMatch desired result?'
print 'total_elements :', total_elements
print 'elements in holders :', sum([len(h) for h in element_holder])
print 'match :', total_elements == sum([len(h) for h in element_holder])


Randomly-portioned elements
['M', 'N', 'f', 'V', 'v', 'h', 'i', 'H', '6', '5', 'j', '7', 'r']
['u', 'Z', 'C', 'I', 's', 'm', 'g', 'p', 'q', 'a', 'O', 'T', 'L']
['K', 'E', 'P', 'U']
['Y', 'D', 'A', 'l', 'J', 'R', 'b', 'c', 'z', 'F']
['0', '1', 'o', 'X', 'G', '4', 'W', '3', '2']
['d', 'Q']
['e', 'y', 'B', '8', 'x', 'k', 'w', 't', 'S', 'n', '9']

Match desired result?
total_elements : 62
elements in holders : 62
match : True

P.S. I had some indentation errors when I copied the linked functions, you may need to correct them. The code under elif Distribution.lower() == 'normal': needs to by un-indented by 1 level. I submitted an edited version (ending approval), so depending on when you copy, you may or may not need to edit.

This isn't actually too difficult. Let's create our containers:

import random

num_containers = 10
num_objects = 100

containers = [[] for _ in range(num_containers)]
objects = (some_object() for _ in range(num_objects))
# we don't need a list of these, just have to iterate over it, so this is a genexp

for object in objects:

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