split document by using MarkLogic mlcp

I need to split this document

<?xml version="1.0"?> <!DOCTYPE docs SYSTEM "../roempp11.dtd"> <docs> <stwtext id="RD-10-00258" update="03.2011" seq="RQ-10-00001"> <head> <ti> <i>j</i> </ti> <ff-list> <ff id="0103" /> </ff-list> </head> <p> Symbol für die <vw idref="RD-19-04447">Stromdichte</vw> . </p> </stwtext> <stwtext id="RD-10-00209" update="12.2007" seq="RQ-10-00223"> <head> <ti>JZ</ti> <ff-list> <ff id="0932" /> </ff-list> </head> <p> Abkürzung für Jod-Zahl, siehe <vw idref="RD-06-00645">Fettkennzahlen</vw> . </p> </stwtext> </docs>

i do it with this command:

~> bin/mlcp.sh IMPORT -mode local -host localhost -port 15000 \ -username admin -password admin \ -input_file_path /media/sf_vm.shared/thieme/roemp-training/v10.new-ML.XML \ -output_uri_replace "/media/sf_vm.shared/thieme/roemp-training/keywords,'roempp-data'" \ -output_collections roemp-data \ -input_file_type aggregates -aggregate_record_element stwtext \ -aggregate_uri_id @id

The command works fine, but I see in MarkLogic the documents with ids, which don't belong to declared stwtext.id, but to the id of last element. For example, for my document I am expecting to see

RD-10-00258 RD-10-00260

but actually it looks like this:

0103 0932

Is it bug, or perhaps I did something wrong ? thanks

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It's a bug. If you'd like to, you can download the source code for MLCP and change it. Take a look at AggregateXMLReader.java's processStartElement().

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