Sorttable ul li get order

My html is like this

<ul> <li>...</li> <li> <ul> <li>...</li> </ul> </li> </ul>

This is just a example, a ul can contain many li but the max depth is ul li ul like in example

I am using JqueryUI Sortable to sort this li I want to get the sort order of the li to store it in database so that user dont have to sort each time.

Thank You.

-------------Problems Reply------------

You'll have to bind the "sortupdate" event which you can use to update your database. The next time the page loads you have to sort the items serverside.


The following will bind the sortupdate event and post it to /story/reorder ( That page will store it in the database.

You probably have to add another variable to pass the userid of the person who logged in.

$("#sortable").bind('sortupdate', function(event, ui) {
var ids = $("#sortable").sortable('serialize').toString();
$.post('/story/reorder', {ids: ids, oldIds: idsOldOrder}, function(data) {
// nothing special
idsOldOrder = ids;


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