Sorting two arrays (values,keys), then sorting the keys

I have what seems to be a simple problem but I can't figure it out so far.

Say I have two arrays:

int[] values = {10,20,20,10,30}; int[] keys = {1,2,3,4,5}; Array.Sort(values,keys);

Then the arrays would look like this:

values = {10,10,20,20,30}; keys = {4,1,2,3,5};

Now, what I want to do is make it so that the keys are also sorted in second priority so the key array to look like this:

keys = {1,4,2,3,5};

Notice the 1 and 4 values are switched and the order of the value array has not changed.

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If an "in-place sorting" is not strictly necessary for you, I suggest to use OrderBy:

var sortedPairs = values.Select((x, i) => new { Value = x, Key = keys[i] })
.OrderBy(x => x.Value)
.ThenBy(x => x.Key)
.ToArray(); // this avoids sorting 2 times...
int[] sortedValues = sortedPairs.Select(x => x.Value).ToArray();
int[] sortedKeys = sortedPairs.Select(x => x.Key).ToArray();

// Result:
// sortedValues = {10,10,20,20,30};
// sortedKeys = {1,4,2,3,5};

Generally, parallel arrays are frowned upon. It is very easy for the data to become out of sync. What I would suggest is either using a map/Dictionary data type, or storing the keys and values in a single object, and then having an array of said objects.

Edit: after re-reading your question, I dont' think the Dictionary is the data type you want, based on your need to sort the values. I would still suggest having an object that contains the keys and values, however. You can then sort by the values, and rest assured that they keys aren't out of sync.

Array.Sort(values,keys) will use the default Comparer to sort the values and keys. You would need to write a custom Comparer to do what you're describing, and pass your Comparer in to the Array.Sort method.

By converting this to a sort on an array of value pairs you can supply your own comparator and make the sort work pretty much any way you like. (It seems awful risky to use two separate arrays.) See the fourth method at

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