Sort the $_POST variables

Hello guys Might be an easy for you guys. I am trying to sort the $_POST variables that were sent by a form and update the sorted result in mysql. I am not sure how to do it and appreciate it anyone can help me about it.

My main.php

//I have a loop here. (omitted) //$k will be increased by 1 every time the loop starts, so I will know the total times of the loops //the form will be submitted to update.php echo "<input type='hidden' name='pickTotal' value='".$k."' />"; echo "<input type='hidden' id='point' name='earnedPoint".$k."' value='".$point."' />"; echo "<input type='hidden' id='users' name='userName".$k."' value='".$userPick['user']."' />"; //loop ends

My update.php

if(isset($_POST['submit'])){ $pickTotal=$_POST['pickTotal']; //get the total loop for ($p=0;$p<=$pickTotal;$p++){ $userToBeUpdated=$_POST['userName'.$p]; $userPoint=$_POST['earnedPoint'.$p]; //sort the $userPoint here. //I need to find out who got the most points //and list user's place. 1st, 2nd, 3rd...etc. //update my mysql }

Thanks for any helps.

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Instead of counting up $k and $p, you should use PHPs special form name syntax:

<input name="earnedPoint[]" value="...">
<input name="userName[]" value="...">

This way you receive both parameters as list already, $_POST["earnedPoint"][0] till $_POST["earnedPoint"][99] corresponds to $_POST["userName"][0]..[99].

Then just map both arrays:

$sort_us = array_combine($keys=$_POST["userName"], $values=$_POST["eP"]);

This should get you the highest first.

I would suggest something very similar to what Mario suggested, but in a slightly different way:

echo "<input type='hidden' id='point' name='user[$k][points]' value='".$point."' />";
echo "<input type='hidden' id='users' name='user[$k][name]' value='".$userPick['user']."' />";

When you get the $_POST back, you'll have an array like this:

$_POST['user'] = array(
0 => array(
points => 15,
name => joe
1 => array(
points => 21,
name => john

From there you could use usort to come up with a custom sorting function:

$data = $_POST['user'];
usort($data, 'usortPost');

function usortPost($a, $b) {
if ($a['points'] == $b['points']) return 0;
return $a['points'] < $b['points'] ? 1 : -1;

You must have a criteria to sort.

Anyway, sort function should help you.

You could, as mentioned previously, use a syntax sugar offered by PHP:

echo "<input type='hidden' id='point' name='earnedPoint[{$userPick['user']}]' value='".$point."' />";

You could handle this in the back-end like this:

foreach ($_POST['earnedPoint'] as $user => $points) {
// update your SQL table

asort($_POST['earnedPoint']); // sort array in ascending order, maintain index assoc

// save your data somehow

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