Simple .exe using 50% CPU using System.Threading

I have a very simple executable that check a specific folder about every 3 seconds to see if there is a file(s) in there. If it finds a file(s) it does something and then returns to checking the folder every 3 seconds.

People have reported that at times this executable is taking up 50% of their CPU, is there any suggestions on how do this properly. Below is sample code of how I am doing this.

// Check our folder every x seconds Timer = new System.Threading.Timer(TimerCallback, null, 0, Global.SecondsToCheckPrintFolder * 1000);

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You should use a FileSystemWatcher.

To answer your question, your main thread is probably running while(true) { }, which will kill the CPU forever.

To make the main thread wait forever, you should call Application.Run().
You could also call Thread.Sleep(-1).

This executes inside a thread pool, which means that the callback can be executed multiple simultaneous times. Why not use a simple loop, like so?

if (File.Exists(@"someFile"))
// Do stuff

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