Service Discovery on Amazon AWS

does anyone have suggestions for dynamic service discovery on Amazon AWS?

I am thinking about ZooKeeper but would like an approch that do not require running VM's.

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Check out Netflix's curator project.

It is a framework, client, and recipe wrapper around ZooKeeper.

One of the extensions is Service Discovery.

What Is a Discovery Service?

In SOA/distributed systems, services need to find each other. i.e. a web service might need to find a caching service, etc. DNS can be used for this but it is nowhere near flexible enough for services that are constantly changing. A Service Discovery system provides a mechanism for:

  • Services to register their availability
  • Locating a single instance of a particular service
  • Notifying when the instances of a service change

curator Service Discovery enables:

  • Registering/Unregistering Services
  • Querying for Services
  • Service Cache

What do you mean service can use udp and whatever you need and broadcasting in a VPC to "discover" whatever you need and comes online. What does zookeeper(a system for helping to distributed transactions) have to do with service discovery.

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