sequelize: how to find and update mysql rows in node.js

I'm new on node.js and try to rebuild the code from PHP to nodejs with the very interesting tool sequelize.

I read the squelize documentation and searched here and at google, but i cant figure out the way to do that in a correct way and how to build this.

It's important that the code just go on, if the results from the mysql-db are aviable and without errors... hope you can help me out to understand this.

Kind regards

function mysqlQuery(mysql, conf, query, callback) { var client = mysql.createClient({ user: conf.user, password: conf.password }); client.query('USE ' + conf.database, function() { client.query(query, function(err, results) { callback(client, err, results); }); }); } sockets = []; var net = require('net'); var server = net.createServer(function(socket) { var q_balance = "SELECT datum_von, datum_bis, jahr, unique_id, game_status, wert FROM xxxxxx WHERE datum_von <= \"" + game_datum + "\" and datum_bis >= \"" + game_datum + "\" and game_name = \"" + game_name + "\" LIMIT 1;"; mysqlQuery(mysql, conf, q_balance, function selectCb(client, err, results) { if (err) { throw err; } for (var i_db14 in results) { var daten_db14 = results[i_db14]; datum_von_cj = daten_db14.datum_von; datum_bis_cj = daten_db14.datum_bis; jahr_cj = daten_db14.jahr; game_status_cj = daten_db14.game_status; unique_id_cj = daten_db14.unique_id; wert_cj = daten_db14.wert; } if (datum_von_cj === "" || datum_bis_cj === "" || jahr_cj === "" || game_status_cj === "" || unique_id_cj === "" || wert_cj === "") { error_buy = 1; } if (error_buy === 0) { for (i_check1 = 0; i_check1 < unique_id_anzahl_check; i_check1++) { if (game_name === "game1") { preis = preis_game1; } else if (game_name === "game2") { preis = preis_game2; } else if (game_name === "game3") { preis = preis_game3; } else { error_buy = 1; } if (error_buy === 0) { preis_berechnung[i_check0]['preis'] = preis_berechnung[i_check0]['preis'] + preis; sr_tmp = randomString(10); sr = game_name.toUpperCase() + "-" + sr_tmp; sr_tmp = ""; var q_balance6 = "INSERT INTO xxxxxx2 (user_id,game,game_id,...) VALUES (\"" + user_id_db + "\",\"" + game_name + "\",\"" + game_id + "\");"; mysqlQuery(mysql, conf, q_balance6, function selectCb(client, err, results) { if (err) { throw err; } var q_balance7 = "UPDATE " + game_name + " SET tickets = tickets + 1 WHERE unique_id = \"" + game_unique_id + "\" LIMIT 1;"; mysqlQuery(mysql, conf, q_balance7, function selectCb(client, err, results) { if (err) { throw err; } client.end(); }); client.end(); }); } } } client.end(); });

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