scroll not appear after ajax call fullpage.js

I'm using ajax with fullpage.js to get gallery images and apply isotope on it, after I click on the link to open gallery (go to target section) the scroll of the page does not appear and I can't scroll, but if I re-size the browser the scroll appears ..

/* HTML */

<div class="section" id="textscroll"> <div class="s" data-anchor="stext"> <div class="container"> <div class="ajax_content"></div> </div> </div> </div>

/* JS */

$('#fullpage').fullpage({ anchors: ['home', 'about', 'gallery'], keyboardScrolling: false, autoScrolling: true, loopHorizontal: false, scrollOverflow: true, controlArrows: false }); $('.gallery-link').on('click','a',function(){ var url = "directory/gallery_ajax.php"; var postid = $(this).attr('data-post'); $('.loading').addClass('active'); $.ajax({ type : 'post', url : url, data : { action : 'user_clicked', postid : postid }, success : function( response ) { $('.ajax_content').html('<div class="content" id="gallery-container"><div class="isotope">'+response+'</div></div>'); var $container = $('.isotope').isotope({ itemSelector: '.item', masonry: { columnWidth: 160, isFitWidth: true } }); $container.imagesLoaded( function() { $('.loading').removeClass('active'); $.fn.fullpage.moveTo(3,0); $container.isotope( 'layout' ); }); }, error: function( message ){ console.log(message); } }); return false; });

-------------Problems Reply------------

After calling "$('.ajax_content').htm" inside your response function you need to initialise scroll plugin again, because you changed dom and plugin must be reinitialized to compute new page dimensions

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