Scroll fixed positioned horizontally

I am using a <div> which is fixed at the screen top. This div contains a menu. The rest of the page can be scrolled vertically and horizontally.

If the user has a small display, he cannot reach all items in the menu, although he can scroll horizontally. If I use overflow-x , the <div> would get its own scrollbar, which does not look good. I want that page and menu shares the main horizontal scrollbar.

Note: In my case, the width of the page is always aligned to the same size as the menu.


<div id="menu"> <img src="" height="50" width="3000" /> </div> <img src="" height="3000" width="3000" />


#menu { position:fixed; top:0px; left:0px; height:50px } body { margin-top:50px; }

-------------Problems Reply------------

Use position:absolute then.

#menu {

JS correction:

$(window ).scroll(function(){

I would add a onscroll event to the BODY tag. Have the menu div have an overflow of hidden. Then in the onscroll function check the scroll position of the page:

left = window.pageXOffset || document.documentElement.scrollLeft;

Then you can set the scrollLeft attribute of the div appropriately.

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