Scala type error for cyclically referenced traits

I'm having trouble getting this code to work. I want to make a trait that allows a class that inherits it to have "children", but apparently, Child's setParent method wants a P, but gets a Parent[P, C] instead.

package net.fluffy8x.thsch.entity import scala.collection.mutable.Set trait Parent[P, C <: Child[C, P]] { protected val children: Set[C] def register(c: C) = { children += c c.setParent(this) // this doesn't compile } } trait Child[C, P <: Parent[P, C]] { protected var parent: P def setParent(p: P) = parent = p }

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You need to use self types to indicate that this is P and not Parent[P, C]. This will also require extra bounds P <: Parent[P, C] and C <: Child[C, P]

trait Parent[P <: Parent[P, C], C <: Child[C, P]] { this: P =>
protected val children: scala.collection.mutable.Set[C]
def register(c: C) = {
children += c

trait Child[C <: Child[C, P], P <: Parent[P, C]] { this: C =>
protected var parent: P
def setParent(p: P) = parent = p

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