Salesforce Remote Access Authorization Error

I am new to developing a Salesforce app and I am using OAuth 1 for authentication. I am able to generate the Request Token, and I re-direct the user to the salesforce site. Once I enter my credentials, I get a

Remote Access Authorization Error
There was a problem in setting up your remote access



In my Login History page, it shows Status as Success for Application type OAuth. I don't get any entry in my Debug Logs page. I have enabled Development Mode.

Any ideas whats wrong?

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So is a stub URL for callbacks - and that is the screen you are seeing there, and the access_token variable is your session ID for the user. So the OAuth flow is working correctly.

In the code, you might check to see if oauthResponse.access_token is getting set correctly. If so, it looks like:

sfw.login( setupHomeView );

That is what should tell it to move from that page to the next UI page.

You might also check out the Mobile SDK (link). It also includes PhoneGap and has a great OAuth wrapper built in.

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