Ruby with LDAP or AD

Is there a way of deciding and confirming with facts regarding, which is better and easier to integrate with Ruby. LDAP or ActiveDirectory?

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ActiveDirectory is an implementation of the LDAP. You can use the RubyLDAP gem to integrate with AD. I am currently using this gem to connect from a RHEL server to a Windows Domain Controller.

gem install ruby-ldap

I use the net-ldap gem to authenticate and query the ActiveDirectory server at work. It works well. Here's some sample code for verifying a user's login credentials and getting their full name.

def name_for_login( email, password )
email = email[/\A\w+/].downcase # Throw out the domain, if it was there
email << "" # I only check people in my company
ldap =
host: '', # Thankfully this is a standard name
auth: { method: :simple, email: email, password:password }
if ldap.bind
# Yay, the login credentials were valid!
# Get the user's full name and return it
base: "OU=Users,OU=Accounts,DC=mycompany,DC=com",
filter: Net::LDAP::Filter.eq( "mail", email ),
attributes: %w[ displayName ],

The LDAP bindings for Ruby are pretty decent -- not exactly beautiful, but they work well. And, of course, you can access ActiveDirectory as an LDAP server. I have never tried any ActiveDirectory bindings for Ruby.

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