Ruby: Dynamic setter with inheritance

I'm trying to format hex strings using an inherited format method. I'm a bit of a Ruby-noob, any help is appreciated.

class Bar def alter_the_variable attribute_name attribute = method(attribute_name) formatted = "%.4x" % puts formatted # => 00f3 attribute = formatted # What I "want" to be able to do, but # doesn't work because attribute is a local variable #attribute.owner.send(:h=, formatted) # Doesn't work either, gives: # in `send': undefined method `h=' for Foo:Class (NoMethodError) end end class Foo < Bar def initialize @h = "f3" end def h @h end def h= val @h = val end end f = puts f.h # => f3 f.alter_the_variable :h puts f.h # => f3

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Here's one way to do what you wanted to do:

def alter_the_variable attribute_name
current_value = send(attribute_name)
formatted_value = "%.4x" % current_value.hex
send (attribute_name.to_s+'=').to_sym, formatted_value

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