Rounding the duration of two date values

I have two date values in Python which Im trying to get a rounded duration from.

For example: 01-01-2000 to 12-31-2099 is really "100 years", not "99 years".

I have an example, in Java, but Im not sure how to port this to Python speak:

round(endDateEpochInMilliseconds -startDateEpochInMilliseconds /(365.25 * 24 * 3600 * 1000))

Im sure something similar is doable in Python.

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import datetime

date1 =,1,1)
date2 =, 12, 31)

delta = date2-date1

print round(delta.days/365.25,0)

You defently must put endDateEpochInMilliseconds -startDateEpochInMilliseconds into brackets!

round( (endDateEpochInMilliseconds -startDateEpochInMilliseconds) /(365.25 * 24 * 3600 * 1000))

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