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Is there a "switch" that can be used with sfc /scannow that will save the result in a text file - preferably in a location and name selected by the user.

The available documentation indicates that the results from sfc /scannow should be saved to either "sfcdetails.txt" or "CBS.log".

I have been unable to find a file called "sfcdetails.txt".

The "CBS.log" file contains numerous entries, most of which are probably irrelevant but some of which might be helpful. Microsoft have a detailed document on "How to Analyse the CBS.log". Regrettably this was last updated for Vista, so although the information might still be applicable I am reluctant to accept that the information is still accurate - a lot has happened to Windows since the days of Vista.

The "CBS.log" file is also not specific to a particular scan. It tends to accumulate lots of data over a period, only a small part of which might be relevant to the results of a current scan.


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Hi! Here's what Microsoft says about a log!!
Hi Gary, thanks for your reply, apologies for the late response, somehow I missed your post...... its those gremlins again...

The problem with Microsoft's instructions is that there is no way you could tell a non-techy to do that.

It would have been very convenient if the sfc utility had a simple switch to create a user-defined .txt file, which the user could then attach to an email for a techy to review.

But thanks again for the more current link - better than the one I found which related to Vista.

Hi! Tabval. I have never tried to save the sfc /scannow log. I have never found any problems. When I tried the Microsoft procedure, it just opened me up to a blank clip board. I will do some more research.
The chkdsk log is much easier found. Here's link for that.
Hi Tabval! Here's another link. It may be the same as Microsoft?? It's the best I can come up with for now!!
Gary, thanks for that last link. That is actually a well-written article and one that I will read more carefully later today...


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