Remote Access to Web Service (Microsoft Visual Studio 2008)

I have tried to create a hello world Web Service using visual studio 2008, and i got this here's the address


It seems no problem when i access and consume this web service locally, but when i try to access this web service using other computer, it fails. I have tried several address by guessing but it seems no luck.

I have no clue at all on what I should do so that I can access to it. Your help is pretty much appreciated.


I have no clue on whether its a asmx or WCF, but i started this by new project->web-> web service application-> CTL + F5 to compile it

this is a tutorial from

Could you suggest the tutorial on how to host it to IIS?

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The development web server ( Cassini ) doesn't support remote access, so you need to use IIS.

You will also need to open the port in any firewall you're using.

The url from a remote machine would be:

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