RegEx troubles with converting text to links

I'm trying to make my shoutbox automatically convert posted data into links if it matches certain criteria. It works, except not if there is more than one link in a single shoutbox post.

Here is my code that is meant to convert it:

<? $text = "edit:4961310112967 - edit:021331612649 Are these correct?"; echo $text."<br><br>"; $view = "/(view|edit)\:[0-9]+(\S)?/"; if(preg_match_all($view, $text, $url, PREG_SET_ORDER)) { foreach ($url as $val) { echo "(matched: " . $val[0] . ")\n"; $checkCode = explode(":", $val[0]); if(strcmp($checkCode[0], 'view') == 0) { $text = preg_replace($view, '<a target="_blank" style="text-decoration: underline;color:purple;font-weight:bold;" href="../index.php?UPC='.$checkCode[1].'">(View Product)</a>', $text); } else if(strcmp($checkCode[0], 'edit') == 0) { $text = preg_replace($view, '<a target="_blank" style="text-decoration: underline;color:purple;font-weight:bold;" href="../edit.php?UPC='.$checkCode[1].'">(Edit Product)</a>', $text); } echo "<br>".$text; echo "<br>(".$checkCode[0]." - ".$checkCode[1].")<br><br>"; } } echo "<br><br>".$text."<br><br>"; ?>

As you can see, the $text variable at the top has 2 spots where it says "edit:" - that is what is meant to call the regex to turn it into a link. The link in question would be, for example,

<a href="edit.php?UPC=############"</a>

Currently, how it is, when there is more than one call to the regex, it basically makes both links the first edit:

Sorry, I don't feel like I am explaining this very well.

this string: edit:4961310112967 - edit:021331612649 Are these correct? the regex would make both links edit.php?UPC=4961310112967

-------------Problems Reply------------

I would probably simplify it a bit by dividing it in to 2 regular expressions.

$re = "/edit\\:([0-9]+(\\S)?)/m";
$str = "edit:4961310112967 - edit:021331612649 Are these correct?\n\nedit:1231289389123\n\nedit:123123lkajsdad\n\nview:234234234234234";
$subst = "<a href=\"edit.php?UPC=$1\"</a>";

$result = preg_replace($re, $subst, $str);

and then do the same for view. Hope it helps!

A way that avoids to parse the string several times:

$text = "edit:4961310112967 - edit:021331612649 Are these correct?";

$pattern = '~\b(edit|view):(\d+)~Si';

$links = [
'edit' => ['className' => 'editLink', 'URL' => '../edit.php', 'txt' => '(Edit Product)'],
'view' => ['className' => 'viewLink', 'URL' => '../index.php', 'txt' => '(view Product)']

$result = preg_replace_callback($pattern, function ($m) use ($links) {
$action = strtolower($m[1]);
return '<a class="' . $links[$action]['className']
. '" href="' . $links[$action]['URL'] . '?UPC=' . $m[2]
. '">' . $links[$action]['txt'] . '</a>';
}, $text);

You need to define the two classes editLink and viewLink in your css file.

You probably do not want tot use preg_replace for the string generation, I believe that is mostly the issue at hand. See this example on using sprintf that should behave correctly.

Do you want to following this?

regex : (edit|view)\:([0-9]+)

$re = "/(edit|view)\\:([0-9]+)/m";
$str = "edit:4961310112967 - edit:021331612649 Are these correct?\n\nedit:1231289389123\n\nedit:123123lkajsdad\n\nview:234234234234234";
$subst = "<a href=\"$1.php?UPC=$2\">($1 Product)</a>";

$result = preg_replace($re, $subst, $str);


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