Refactoring to make one statement

The following piece of code here will take a text file and divide it into two groups: Apollo and Sabre, then it will tell me how many times "processed" appears and how many times savings were found, as well as give me a percentage. In an effort to delete the amount of code you all have to read, I did not include the code for sabre, since they are the samething. I am new to refactoring, but I know that the overall goal of the process is to eliminate lines of code but still make the program work. However whenever I try to make this smaller, it doesn't seem to work anymore. Could someone please help me with this?

int? apolloStartIndex = null; int? apolloEndIndex = null; int? sabreStartIndex = null; int? sabreEndIndex = null; apolloStartIndex = FindIndex(lines, "BEGIN PROCESSING APOLLO PNRS"); apolloEndIndex = FindIndex(lines, "END PROCESSING APOLLO PNRS"); sabreStartIndex = FindIndex(lines, "BEGIN PROCESSING SABRE PNRS"); sabreEndIndex = FindIndex(lines, "END PROCESSING SABRE PNRS"); ApolloandSabre(lines, apolloStartIndex, apolloEndIndex, sabreStartIndex, sabreEndIndex); if (apolloStartIndex.HasValue && apolloEndIndex.HasValue) { List<string> groupApollo = lines.Skip(apolloStartIndex.Value).Take(apolloEndIndex.Value - apolloStartIndex.Value).ToList(); if (groupApollo.Any(item => item.Contains("Savings found:"))) { Console.WriteLine("\n\nApollo\n"); var groupApolloPNRSThatWereProcessed = groupApollo.Count(line => line.Contains("Processed")); Console.WriteLine("There were " + groupApolloPNRSThatWereProcessed + " PNRS that were processed in apollo\n"); //code to find number of savings int groupApolloPNRSWhereSavingsWereFound = groupApollo.Count(line => line.Contains("Savings found:")); Console.WriteLine("In Apollo, there were " + groupApolloPNRSWhereSavingsWereFound + " PNRS that had savings\n"); //code to find percentage for apollo decimal groupApolloPercentageOfPNRSWithSavings = ((decimal)groupApolloPNRSWhereSavingsWereFound / groupApolloPNRSThatWereProcessed * 100); decimal result1 = Math.Round(groupApolloPercentageOfPNRSWithSavings, 3); Console.WriteLine("The percentage of PNRS in Apollo that had savings were " + result1 + "%\n"); Console.WriteLine("The following are all the lines that contain savings in Apollo:"); GroupPercentageForApollo(groupApollo); } } else { Console.WriteLine("Apollo data not found in file."); } } private static void ApolloandSabre(string[] lines, int? apolloStartIndex, int? apolloEndIndex, int? sabreStartIndex, int? sabreEndIndex) { GroupApollo(lines, apolloStartIndex, apolloEndIndex); GroupSabre(lines, sabreStartIndex, sabreEndIndex); } private static int? FindIndex(string[] lines, string textToFind) { int? index = null; int indexCounter = 0; foreach (string line in lines) { if (line.Contains(textToFind)) { index = indexCounter; break; } indexCounter += 1; } return index; }

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