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i have an sql table and there i stored the content displayed on the homepage. The table fields are: id, title, postdate, small_description, content.

In homepage the fields displayed is: title, post, small_description.

My problem is: After the small_description i want to put a read more hyperlink and on click i want the content field appears and the hyperlink disappears. How i can do that in php ?

Homepage: index.php Php file that shows records from the table: news_frontend.php

<?php if ( !empty ( $menu_records ) ) { foreach ( $menu_records as $menu ) { echo "<br>"; echo( $menu ['title'] ); echo (' - '); echo($menu ['postdate']); echo "<br>"; echo($menu ['small_description']); echo "<br>"; echo "<a href=""</a>"; } echo "</br>"; } else { echo "No records"; } ?>

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