Random method for a quiz

Each method contain a question with multiple choice. When i call the method in the main, i need to shuffle it and make sure there are no repetition.

public static void main(String[] args) { question_1(); question_2(); question_3(); question_4(); //continue to question 15 question_15(); }

thing that i tried.

int question_A = question_1(); int question_B = question_2(); int question_C = question_3(); int question_D = question_4(); //to question 15 int question_O = question_15(); //then i created an array int [] question = new int[14]; question[0] = question_A; question[1] = question_B; question[2] = question_C; question[3] = question_D; //to last array question[14] = question_O; //to random it here is the code Random r = new Random(); for (int counter = 0; counter <10; ++counter){ int swap_Index = r.next Int(15-counter)+counter; //there is an space between next Int, that because i was getting not properly formatted in the edit box int temp = question[counter]; question[counter] = question[swap_Index]; question[swap__Index] = temp; int[] question_To_Ask = new int[10]; for (int count = 0; count<10; ++count){ question_To_Ask[count] = question[count]; }

The reason the random does not work is because it starts executing the program at

int question_A = question_1();

for the random, i also tried any way such as Math.random. None of these worked and yeah, please do not use advance technique to solve this problem as i am a beginner.

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The easy way to do this is using a list:

List<Question> questions = new ArrayList<Question>();

See, I dunno what you are doing with all these methods, but let us consider another approach put every question in a database, use a Collection like say hashmap in ur java code access ur database and based on the id of the question u can call whichever question u want to call and for the shuffling part there is a predefined function called shuffle in java, u can use it to shuffle ur question collection. Just a suggestion, try it, i think it is a better approach.

You could do something like this

public static void main(String[] args) {
// declare the variables first
int q1 = 1;
int q2 = 2;
int q15 = 15;
int[] questions = new int[] { q1, q2, q3, q4, ... q15 };

System.out.println("Before Shuffle");
for (int i : questions) {

shuffle(questions); // here we do the shuffle

System.out.println("After Shuffle");
for (int i : questions) {

public static void shuffle(int[] questions) {
Random random = new Random();

for (int i = 0; i < questions.length; i++) {
int newIndex = random.nextInt(questions.length - 1);
swap(questions, i, newIndex);

private static void swap(int[] questions, int oldIndex, int newIndex) {
int temp = questions[oldIndex];
questions[oldIndex] = questions[newIndex];
questions[newIndex] = temp;

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