Ran out of trampolines of type 0

I'm writing an app for the Iphone using Monotouch. When I deploy the application on my iphone I get the error at runtime Thu Mar 10 23:38:36 unknown UIKitApplication:com.xxx[0x57b4][258]

<Notice>: Ran out of trampolines of type 0 in '/private/var/mobile/Applications/6104C1ED-5D11-4871-B011-91C23C8D6C83/

In the past I got the same error but for type 1 and type 2. I was able to fix that problem with the following argument in the compiler.

-aot "nrgctx-trampolines=4048" -aot "nimt-trampolines=4048"

I wanted to know what is the equivalent for the type 0 reported above or how to address error

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Type 0 are method trampolines. The parameter you want is

-aot "ntrampolines=4048"

From the mono man pages:

ntrampolines=[number] When compiling in full aot mode, the method trampolines must be precreated in the AOT image. You can add additional method trampolines with this argument. Defaults to 1024.

Alchemy already provided a good answer (upvote for that), I just want to sum up the different types and their default values.

Mono trampolines:

  • type 0 (generic methods?): -aot "ntrampolines=xxxx" (default: 1024)
  • type 1 (recursive generics): -aot "nrgctx-trampolines=xxxx" (default: 1024)
  • type 2 (interfaces): -aot "nimt-trampolines=xxxx" (default: 128)

source: http://www.kurokatta.org/grumble/2012/02/out-of-trampolines

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