Rails transforming Query from Rails 3.2.12 to 4.0.0 Errors

Hi I've got some problems convertigs Querys from My 3.2.12 Rails app to the new converted 4.2.0 version.

I got this:

@data[:weekday] ||= Xyz.count(:include => [:membership], :conditions => ["xyz.done_at IS NOT NULL AND xyz.course_id = ?", @course_id], :group => "WEEKDAY(xyz.done_at)").collect {| val | [val[0].to_i, val[1]]}

I've made this new one, is this the same?

@data[:weekday] = Xyz.where("done_at IS NOT NULL AND memberships.course_id = ?", @course_id).joins(:membership).group("WEEKDAY(done_at)").count()

And the I got this one:

@data[:xyz_per_hours] ||= Xyz.count(:include => [:membership], :conditions => ["xyz.done_at IS NOT NULL AND memberships.course_id = ?", @course_id], :group => "TIMESTAMPDIFF(HOUR, xyz.created_at, xyz.done_at)").to_a.select do | val | val[0].to_i < 120 end

I've converted it to:

@data[:xyz_per_hours] = Xyz.where("done_at IS NOT NULL AND course_id = ?", @course_id).joins(:membership).group("TIMESTAMPDIFF(HOUR, created_at, done_at)").count().to_a.select do | val | val[0].to_i < 120 end

But I got this error:

Mysql2::Error: Column 'created_at' in field list is ambiguous: SELECT COUNT(*) AS count_all, TIMESTAMPDIFF(HOUR, created_at, done_at) AS timestampdiff_hour_created_at_done_at FROM `xyz` INNER JOIN `memberships` ON `memberships`.`id` = `xyz`.`membership_id` WHERE (done_at IS NOT NULL AND course_id = 44) GROUP BY TIMESTAMPDIFF(HOUR, created_at, done_at)

Whats wrong?

-------------Problems Reply------------

In group clause

"TIMESTAMPDIFF(HOUR, created_at, done_at)"

you need to specify a table for column created_at like it was in the original expression - xyz.created_at

And your first question

I've made this new one, is this the same?

There is only one difference between both expressions - in the first one you use :include => [:membership] what means LEFT OUTER JOINs operation (documentation) but in the second one you use joins(:membership) which means INNER JOIN operation

That last issue is occurring in your #group statement. Because youre joining on membership, and both membership and xyz have created_at attributes, the query doesnt know which created_at to order by.

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