Radio button not checked after click

I'm trying bind a click event to a radio button using Knockout. However, when the radio button is clicked, it's not saved.

Right now, I'm just returning true from the event. I can see that the event is indeed called. If I try to console.log($parent.SelectedCrossing()) the value is saved. Any ideas?

My markup:

<div class="row"> <!-- ko foreach: SelectedRoutes --> <div class="jumbotron text-center"> <table class="table table-hover borderless" data-bind="visible: availableRoutes().length"> <tbody> <!-- ko foreach: availableRoutes --> <tr> <td> <input type="radio" data-bind="attr: { value: ID() + bkt(), name: $parentContext.$index() + 'optionsRoute', disabled: !IsBookable }, checked: $parent.SelectedCrossing, click: function () { $parents[1].AvailableRouteChosen($parents[0]) }" /> </td> <td> <span data-bind="dateTime: TimeOfDeparture"></span> </td> <td> <span data-bind="dateTime: TimeOfArrival"></span> </td> </tr> <!-- /ko --> </tbody> </table> </div> <!-- /ko --> </div>

The js:

self.AvailableRouteChosen = function (obj) { return true; }

-------------Problems Reply------------

your click handler isn't returning anything:

click: function () { $parents[1].AvailableRouteChosen($parents[0]) }

although your underlying function is (and is returning true, which you need to do to override the default click behavior). just return the result:

click: function () { return $parents[1].AvailableRouteChosen($parents[0]) }

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