RabbitMQ setExpiration(); property

Hello Friends i want to know about the expriation Property in RabbitMQ. And what happens if I do not set this property. I am new in rabbitMQ please help me.

AMQP.BasicProperties properties = new AMQP.BasicProperties(); properties.setExpiration("432000000");

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Read this https://www.rabbitmq.com/ttl.html

A TTL can be specified on a per-message basis, by setting the expiration field in the basic AMQP class when sending a basic.publish.

The value of the expiration field describes the TTL period in milliseconds. The same constraints as for x-message-ttl apply. Since the expiration field must be a string, the broker will (only) accept the string representation of the number.

Suppose you set Expiration time = 1000

If no one consumes the message within 1 second the message will be dropped.

You can handle the "dropped" messages using https://www.rabbitmq.com/dlx.html.

if you don't set the Expiration the message remains to the queue for ever (if there aren't consumers).


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The messages are not dropped until they reach the head of the queue - therefore, if a non-expiring message exists prior to the message in the queue, no messages will self-delete until the non-expiring message is consumed.

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