Python module not working (not able to import) even after including it in PATH variable

I have one testing module that I want to use for android testing. I have the files but there is no installation file for it, so I added the module to PATH variable, even then it doesn't work I try to import it.

Any way to make it work. Do I have to paste them in Python folder only (and what it the Python file location). In windows, I use to paste all the files in Python folder and everything works perfectly fine. Here in Ubuntu I'm not able to find the location so I added it in PATH.

Any way out! Any help is appreciated.


Some details: Python version: 2.7.2, Ubuntu 11.10 OS, Python module is in file/folder format with no "" file to install, Location of module already in PATH variable, Everything else in Python is working beside that module, same worked in Windows XP with Python 2.7.2 after copy pasting.

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PATH is for executables, PYTHONPATH is for Python modules.

You can also start your script with:

import sys
import your_module

Where /path/to/directory/ is the file you're importing.

The normal location for Python modules is in /usr/lib/pythonX.X/site-packages. For installing stuff as a user virtualenv is great.

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