Purchased Windows 8 Apps in Windows Phone?

Hi, I just purchased a new Windows Phone, and I love it.

However, I am wondering:

Is it possible that purchased Windows 8 apps can be transferred to a Windows Phone with the same Microsoft account (e.g. Cocktail Flow on Windows 8 can be also installed on a Windows Phone provided that the same Microsoft account is used.)

Is it possible? Or is the Windows Store and the Windows Phone Store two different stores? Thanks.

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The Windows Store and Windows Phone stores are two separate stores. No one's achieved perfect unification yet, but Microsoft is the closest to do so.
Thanks. It would be a great feat if these stores were unified, think Xbox, Windows, and Windows Phone apps in one single coherent store. Guess we'll have to wait to see what MS is planning.
That certainly looks like the future Microsoft and others are moving towards, but the closest everyone's gotten so far is two stores.
Does this mean I have to spend more money to get two copies of the same app, one running on Windows 8 and one on Windows Phone ?

C'mon Microsoft !!

Its not the SAME app. On ios you can run the same app on tablets and phones because they are effectively the same app running on the same operating system. Not the case here, at the moment.
Yup. Apple decided to upscale their phone OS for tablets whle Microsoft decided to downscale its computer OS. You can't run iPhone apps on your Mac!

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