Problem with big numbers in C

why should a code like this should provide a so high result when I give it the number 4293974227 (or higher)

int main (int argc, char *argv[]) { unsigned long long int i; unsigned long long int z = atoi(argv[1]); unsigned long long int tmp1 = z; unsigned long long int *numbers = malloc (sizeof (unsigned long long int) * 1000); for (i=0; tmp1<=tmp1+1000; i++, tmp1++) { numbers[i] = tmp1; printf("\n%llu - %llu", numbers[i], tmp1); } }

Result should start with the provided number but starts like this:

18446744073708558547 - 18446744073708558547 18446744073708558548 - 18446744073708558548 18446744073708558549 - 18446744073708558549 18446744073708558550 - 18446744073708558550 18446744073708558551 - 18446744073708558551


What's this crap??


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atoi() returns int. If you need larger numbers, try strtol(), strtoll(), or their relatives.

atoi() returns (int), and can't deal with (long long). Try atoll(), or failing that atol() (the former is preferred).

You are printing signed integers as unsigned.

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