printing the smarty file content

i am including template like this:

<div id="comments" > {include file='comm/comm_all.tpl'} </div>

and i would like to echo the comm_all.tpl contents to the html. somthing like that:

<div id="comments" > {include file='comm/comm_all.tpl'} </div> <div id="code_preview" > the code previw is: {include_function file='comm/comm_all.tpl'} </div>

the include function is what i looking for, and it

should take the file content and print "as it is" for example:

<div id="comments" > 1. bla bla the show 2. it`s an array as you guess. </div> <div id="code_preview" > the code previw is: {foreach $array as $i => $v} $i. {$v.content} {/foreach} </div>

-------------Problems Reply------------

If I understand you correctly, what you want to do is not within Smarty, but could be done with a plugin function in PHP.


function include_function($params, $smarty){

$filename = "{$smarty->template_dir}/{$params['file']}";




<div id="comments" >
{include file='comm/comm_all.tpl'}
<div id="code_preview" >
the code previw is:
{include_function file='comm/comm_all.tpl'}

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