Prevent automatic Google shorten URL visit

When a user request a password reset, we send an email with a reset link shortened by Google URL Shortener.

Problem is, the link is being visited before / without the user clicking it. How can I prevent this?

// Google Shorten URL code. $googer = new GoogleURLAPI($key); $short_url = $googer->shorten($short_url); return $short_url;`

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You can't. Google will fetch the link to get information (such as the title) from it as part of the shortening service.

Just send a regular link like everyone else. You don't need it to be pasted into Twitter (where there is a message length limit) or posted on a billboard (where people have to type it).

If you really need this solution, you could try to detect the Google Bot visiting your reset page. It should send a specific user agent.

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