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I have fixed network of git remotes and I would like them to be attached to repository. Unfortunately git-clone doesn't clone remotes. Is there a way around it?

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I begin this command

for save the remotes in a .gitremotes file

There is no way to do this with git, as far as I know.

Telling users to run scripts post-clone is what people tend to do. If it's a ruby project, you probably have rake, for example, so you could have a rake post_install task.

Remotes are saved in .git/config file of a repo, you can extract your favorites and append them on every clone.

You could define them in your global config file ~/.gitconfig instead of your project's .git/config. Be careful though... if you run git remote update in a project it will pull down all remotes, even for repositories completely unrelated to the one you're working on.

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