Pre compile a directive for use in Google Maps marker causes '$apply already in progress' error

I am creating an AngularJS app that integrates with google maps. I have some html to use as an info popup. I use a similar chunk of html elsewhere in my app, so I started using a directive to create a re usable component.

Once I had implemented this I realised that the info popup windows need to be initialised with their html at time of creation not at time of 'popping up'.

I investigated how to pre compile a directive. It was much the same as the AngularJS docs on testing a directive.

var element = angular.element("<my-directive data=data></my-directive>"); var scope = $rootScope.$new(); = someData; element = $compile(element)(scope); scope.$apply(); element.html(); // Gives me the html

This causes the error '$apply already in progress' I know that it means that a digest cycle is already in progress but this $apply is necessary as I need to create this precompiled template to pass to my info popup.

I have looked into $interpolate and $parse but I don't think I can use these as my directive has link functions that need to be evaluated.

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if (!$scope.$$phase)

You can do safeapply(see below code), but its not recommended

$scope.safeApply = function(fn) {
var phase = this.$root.$$phase;
if(phase == '$apply' || phase == '$digest') {
if(fn && (typeof(fn) === 'function')) {
} else {

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