Posting on facebook page

I'm posting on a page on Facebook, using the following code.

def _PostToFB(message): token = getattr(settings, 'FACEBOOK_AUTHENTICATION_TOKEN', "") page = str(getattr(settings, 'FACEBOOK_PAGE_ID', 123)) user_account = OpenFacebook(token) accounts = user_account.get('me/accounts') for x in accounts['data']: if x['id'] == page: page = x break else: # page not found print "Page not found with corresponding ID" return page_graph = OpenFacebook(page['access_token']) result = page_graph.set('me/feed', message=message) print "FB post result:", result

This adds a post on facebook, and it shows that the post is public. And so I never really checked it for around a couple of months. However, on getting complaints, and on checking it, I found that no one, except me is able to view the posts, even though they are clearly public. Others simply do not see the post.

What am I doing wrong?

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The app was still in development mode. Anything posted by an app in development mode is only visible to people that have a role in the app (admin/developer/tester), but stays hidden from the general public.

Setting it “live” is done on top of Status&Review tab in app dashboard.

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