PHP to CSV line break issue

I use the following code to get data from a form and save it as csv.

$cvsData = $name . "," . $address . "\n"; $fp = fopen("file.csv", "a"); if ($fp) { fwrite($fp, $cvsData); // Write information to the file fclose($fp); // Close the file }

When someone enters a comma or line break in address field it breaks the formatting. So how can i escape it so that the whole address stays in the same field ?

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Put each data item inside quotation marks. A pair of quotation marks inside a quoted value signifies a single quotation mark. e.g.

"Daniel Norton","Congress Ave.
Austin (""Keeping it weird""), TX"

Referring to your example:

$data = str_replace('"','""',$data);
$address = str_replace('"','""',$address);
$cvsData = "\"$data\",\"$address\"\n";

Better still, just use the PHP function fputcsv.


CSV is totally dependent on the software used to read it.

Have a look at for some details on how certain programs expect CSV data.

I have created a CSV class that can handle most of these situations. You might want to have a look at it.

And to answer your question, using that class you could

$csv = CSV::newExcel();
$cvsData = $csv->row($name, $address);
// etc...

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